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First Time

This is pretty long, if u take the time to read it, thank youTo start off, this was an incredible first experience for mushrooms.

This is pretty long, if u take the time to read it, thank you

To start off, this was an incredible first experience for mushrooms. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not very visual at all, but a great Introspective journey. I have tripped on 5-meo-dipt A LOT before.. really hard, and DMT a bit too, but this was my first experience with mushrooms.

Sunday, a few days ago, I graduated high school. Wow, incredible feelings, but somewhat weirded out. After eating dinner with my parents (who are divorced (quite weird to be with both of them), my grandmother, sister, and uncle) I went home and took a nap.
I woke up a few hours later, at around 9 o clock to the sound of the phone ringing. It was my good friend j who was on her way to pick me up for a big grad party. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put on a jacket before they came to pick me up. They got there and (since they know me ooh so well), asked me what type of substances i would be indulding myself into tonight. I smiled, ran back upstairs, and returned with a pleasant little bag of mushrooms that i acquired a few nights before. One of the girls reactions was just "woww" , and the other looked at me and smiled.
I decided that we should pick up another girl, heh, and we departed for her house. We pick her up, i got a in a bottle of juice from inside the house and once back in the car, i started munchin away on the wonderful fungi.
I finish about 15 minutes before we get to the party and make my way in. I see the kids father who i introduce my self to. He knows my name and realizes who i am. The kid who hooked him up with some somethin somethin for an alice cooper show. (he could write his own report on that one, heh). He really liked me and thanked me for his experience + taken care of his drunken son at the parties id been havin lately.
After sayin thanks for havin the party, i walked into the back yard. I saw many a friend and gave out hugs to some girls n daps to my boys. The shrooms start kickin in a little, and im gettin ancy, wantin to see some visuals, not jus get this lil body buzz. The body buzz keeps increasin and i run into some more kids. They smoke me up, and i thank them n bounce. I run into some more kids, n they smoke me up too. (i smoked about a half hour or so after the mushies).
I am quite high, because usually 2 hits gets me blazed, and i took about 8 in the two sittings. It was a weird high tho, a good one, i didnt get too shaken up or retarded. After sayin thanks again, i walked back over to the deck. Someone asks me if i had anything to drink, and when i replied no, they yelled at me.. because my nick name is drunk F***. For friends reading this, hehe :P. Some kid offered me his bottle of bacardi o, and i did a bottle stand consisting of about 5 shots. Everyone cheered, and i made my way over to another bottle of the same shit. Do about 3 shots, and thank that kid too.
Now, im not too high, or trippin FACE really so im able to be chill n jus have fun at the party. I played football with a light up football, and that made some GREAT trails. The party is almost over, cause people have to work in the morning, and i help the dad clean shit up. He is really thankful for me doing it, and we get in some really deep convos about drugs / respect for them/people n such. My crew n I finally left n made our way back to my house.
I walk upstairs, see if my mom is awake, she hugs me n gives me congrats for graduating, and i go back downstairs. By this time, im really high / body trippin / gettin a few CEVs, but nothin CRAZY (trip wise).
I laid down wit my arm around my good girl friend and jus talked about nothing for an hour or soo. Then i closed my eyes and started thinking. THIS IS WHERE I REALLY FOUND MY LOVE FOR MUSHROOMS. I thought about how different life is now after graduation, and how the whole year to year schedule of school is over. We get to pick what we want to do and its wonderful / scary at the same time. I think about all my friends, and how i dont want them to change at all.
Then things got deeper. I thought about my family. I thought about how much i cared about my little sister and my mother, and how much my mother did for us. She works all the time , and a good amount of the money she makes is used to feed us and give us a place to live. I realized that she only has one or 2 good friends and she doesnt see them a lot. And i realized that her getting married is going to be soo incredibly great for her. She loves this person and this will make her life soo much better. I didnt want him to move in in the first place, but now i realize that she will be 10x happier, and thats what i want for her.
I thought about weird things also, like how ALL of the world is interconnected, and the stuff that we learned in science all those years ago about ecosystems n such has MUCH more of a broad 'focus'. There was a lot more that i thought about too, but i cant really explain it. Now i know how people use these little pieces of nature to dive deeper into themselves and i think it is wonderful. I really cant wait for my next experience with them, and i wish that everyone in the world could experience what i did atleast once in their life.

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