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First Time

It was grade 9 for me, and I had become increasingly more curious about how certain drugs worked, especially mushrooms.

It was grade 9 for me, and I had become increasingly more curious about how certain drugs worked, especially mushrooms. I had a few friends who I had grown up with but sort of lost contact with when we entered high school, and I had just started to become friends with them again. They started to tell me that they had done quite a few drugs including weed, ecstasy, ketamine, and mushrooms, and wondered if I would like to try any. I thought about it, and I had already smoked pot before, so I thought I would stick with the organic drugs, seeing as how I thought they were safer.

I asked these friends how much it would be to trip on shrooms once, and they started getting into talk of grams and how much each gram would be. They told me they would get me 2 grams for $15, and that was enough for one trip. I thought that 15 bucks for several hours of what I expected to be 'crazy' colors swirling around me, so I made the purchase. I arranged to do it the following weekend, when my parents were leaving to go to a cottage for 3 days. This seemed perfect. I would have them come over, we would all take something ( I wasn't sure they would be doing shrooms or something else), and just chill for the night, and do whatever we want.

The night before, they called me up asking if i wanted to but an extra 2 grams for 10 more dollars, and I agreed. So the next night, around 7, the 3 people came over (all girls, leaving me the only guy), and they handed me the shrooms. I studied them for a few minutes. They were broken up and in some sort of dust, which they told me was just shroom pieces they were grated. One of the girls took me to the kitchen, where she divided the shrooms in 2 piles, one pile was 1.5 grams, the other was 2 grams. She said that I would take 1.5 grams now, and if it didn't start working in an hour, iIwould take the rest. I didn't argue with that.

She made me a peanut butter sandwich and carefully laid out the first dose of shrooms. She warned me how bad it will taste and that I would need alot of liquids to wash it down and get the taste away. I ate the sandwich, which didn't taste that bad, but it was unpleasant biting into the dried shrooms which felt rock hard. I finished the sandwich at 8:30, and we went out back so the girls could have a smoke. We all smoked some pot, and stayed out and talked. It was about 9:15 when one of the girls told me since I didn't notice any difference, I should take the rest, so I had another sandwich.

I asked if they were taking anything, and they said they didn't have anything to take. By about 9:30, I was looking at the floor in my basement, and I started to see shadows that looked like they were being sucked into the ground in a whirlpool. I thought this was quite great. A few minutes later the whirlpools were gone, and replaced with what I can only describe as hyroglyphs. They seemed to rise from the carpet, and float up, leaving trails behind. The hryoglyphs then started to move together to make one large shape which looked like a negative photo of 2 dogs. I thought that was really strange. The girls said that we should go on a walk, and that would really get the shrooms working, so we got up and left.

Just as we left the house, one of the girls pointed out a small child on a bike, which seemed so hilarious to me a the time. I was laughing out of control. We walked up to a local conveinience store, and the proceded to a nearby forest. The woodchips on the ground seemed to shine baby blue at me, and the rest of the forest looked very dark. As I looked at the ground, I noticed the white parts of my clothes looked like they do when white is placed under black light. I also started to loose my balance at this point.

We stoped at one of the girls houses so she could pick some stuff up. I waited outside with the others, and that was when I really started to hallucinate. The street lamps all glowed different colors. We started walking back to my house and every street lamp we passed was a differnt color to me; red, green, yellow, blue. It was really amzing. the grass all was a deep red. We stopped around the corner of my house and the girls sat in a shopping cart they found and layed on the grass while I paced back and forth staring at the sky.

I guess this was the peak of the trip, as the sky was green, and foggy. There were 4 trees in front of me, one appeared red, another yellow and one was blue. The fourth was in front of a street lamp. As I walked, the street lamp would move behind the tree, and as it did, the tree would change color from white, to red, to blue, untill it seemed to flash white,red and blue all at the same time. Then the girls and I went back to the house. I stood at the door with my key in my hand, but I was unable to fit the key in the door. I had to ask one of the girls to open it for me.

We went inside and watched some show of T.V. The people's faces on the show all seemed to morph and sway with different colors, mostly green now. Around 10:30, my parents called, and we all froze. I didnt think I was capable of talking to them now, so I told everyone to let it ring. A few minutes later, they called again. One girl told me to answer it and say I was in the shower and try to make the conversation with my parents as short as possible. I did as she said, and managed to fool my parents.

The next stage of my trip was a bit uncomfortable. I sat back down to watch the show, and started to fell as if my chest were caving in and I felt like I had no energy to move. This was very short, and soon I felt fine. At around 11:15 my friends had to be picked up, so we waited in the kitchen for awhile. I thought I was coming back down, and I was sad because I didn't want it to end, but also relieved because I had many things to do before I went to bed, and I needed to remember everything so my parents wouldn't find out. I had to wash my clothes so the weed smell was gone, I had to clean the house so it appeared only I had been home, and I had to close all the windows and doors.

I did all this quite quickly, and as I did, I felt very strange. Thoughts were screaming into my head to move faster, and try to remember everything. I did, so I was happy, and I went to bed. It was now midnight, and I felt a bit scared, because the shrooms seemed to be working again, and the colors had returned, and I had started to see things morph again. In the dark, it didn't look like much, but it freaked me out because it looked like things or people were moving around my room. So I turned the hall light on, and tried to go to sleep. I found it very difficult to try to go to sleep, and I felt very restless. I started tossing and turning. I eventually started talking to myself, and I felt like a genius.

I started explaining every aspect of society and media out loud for hours, feeling as if I had had a major discovery. I felt as if I had figured out how the world really works, and how people really are. I was still seeing colors and morphing, and it was about 2:00 a.m. I closed my eyes and thought about something red, and when I opened my eyes, everything looked red to me. So I thought of something blue, and to my amazement, everything looked blue. It seems that what ever color I thought of, everything I saw turned that color. I did this for about 20 minutes, and that was when I checked my eyes to see my pupils ( one of the girls had told me earlier that they were 'geckoed' meaning the pupils were huge, and I had looked in the mirror to find out for myslef). My pupils had gone back to normal , and the morphing was gone, and the colors had gone away too. I was finally able to sleep at about 2:30 a.m.

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