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first time

My first time was in October.

My first time was in October. 4 of us ate shrooms, while 1 or 2 people in our group did not. I ate 2.6 grams that I stuffed inside of a honey bun to hide the taste/texture. We sat there watching TV, nobody really was saying much. I was resting my cheek against my hand and all of a sudden without even thinking I shouted "wow my hand smells great!" and then I realized why and so I guess the first thing that I really got from the trip was a increased sense of smell because normally I would not be so alarmed and excited about the smell of my hand, haha. We decided to have a sober person drive us to a nearby nature preserve. Until this day I never saw anything weird or wrong about the supposed "nature preserve". Once we got there as we went on our journey down the giant sidewalk, yes a concrete sidewalk led us through the nature preserve. That's when I realized that this wasn't preserving nature, they just mowed down a bunch of trees and stuck a sidewalk in the middle of the woods. Now I'm not a hippy but I suddenly felt that the plants had feelings. It was so cold and dark outside but we were'nt bothered by it. I stood on some big rocks and I remember them feeling squishy. The trees and landscape looked surreal. I stood on a bridge looking over at the dried up creek for at least 30 minutes, just gazing. The sidewalk felt like it was covered in mud but it wasn't. We returned to the apartment where there was now a large group of people, not tripping. This made me feel paranoid and uneasy. I felt like a caged animal at the zoo being stared at. I grabbed one of my friends who was tripping and suggested that we go on a walk. We walked around the neighborhood for a solid hour talking about everything and describing to eachother what we were feeling and how great we felt at the moment. We returned to the apartment where it had emptied out a bit. We layed around in the dark playing with colorful lights. I stared at the ceiling and it appeared to be shifting back and forth in seperate sections. My hands were sweaty and when I put them together I was convinced they were melting together. Me and another friend who's trip was over drove to his apartment and I plopped down on the couch. He put Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antartica on really loud next to me and he went to sleep in his room. I fell asleep to the blaring loud music with lots of closed eye visuals going on in my head. And a few minutes later woke up in a near panic as the music had seemed to intensify greatly so I quickly turned it off and went back to sleep and was fine. The next day I felt groggy and stoned, but not sick or anything. That's about all.

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