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first shrooms

okay so it all beings when i head over to my buddy kevins house after work.

okay so it all beings when i head over to my buddy kevins house after work. i just cashed my pay check and was gonna buy the usual dub or 2 and have a usual night. but to my supprise, kevins house had been flooded with shrooms, my good friend little walker even had an eighth. he didnt wanna take the whole thing himself so he split it with me. we ate em around 8 and started on our way to this guy chucks house. he was shrooming himself and having a pretty nice party. so i get there, smoke some, and just completely forget about shrooming and try to enjoy myself. Walker on the other hand is walking around going "MAAAAAAAAAAN this is soooo crazy, i'm trippin balllllllllssss!!!!!" this kinda really pissed me off so i got some Oj and down is real quick. I followed walker upstairs and sat around with him and some other people. i light up a sqaure and then it hits me. it was like being the highest i've ever been times 30. good fun it was. the cherry on my square had like a trailing triangular thing commin off of it and my vision was just shifting all over the place. i had to lie down, so i fall back on the bed, (which took about 5 minutes), and start looking around. all of a sudden i see chucks little poodle walking up, dogs are nice, so i started petting it like mad, all of a sudden i hear "no" comming from the dog, i give it a confused look and its like "no, stop, dont pet me" now, if this wasnt my first time i wouldve reasoned out that the dog wasnt really talking cause i was on shrooms, but no, i decided that the dog wasnt talking because dogs cant talk, and that maybe, just maybe, he was telling me telepathicaly, in which case i should not talk back cause he doesnt like me. so i sit up and chuck comes running up the stairs, hes looks at me and says "GODZILLA!!! LETS GO FOR A WALK!!!" i look at myself and decide that i'm somewhat godzilla and he and i start walkin. we talk about EVERYTHING, then we decide its pee time, and we pee, and that was the best piss EVER. i get back and decide its time to head back to kevins since kevin hadnt even shown up yet. so we walk back, i have NO IDEA where i'm going, thankfully david saved me and walker and led us there. we sit in the basement and just look at stuff, kevins mom comes home and since kevin isnt there, kicks us out. this is all comming way too fast for me so i just disregarded it all and we walked to the park down the street from kevins. on the way there, some girls pull up to us in a car. they knew kevin and that he was at chucks, so they take us there, i FORGET to look out side the car and miss everything that would've been cool. so i find kevin, and hes really high and drunk, but not shrooming, so he wanst nearly as fucked up as i. we get a ride from this girl donna to big foot where i, 15, can buy alchol. kevin makes me go in, and i just stumble around, pay for alcohol, and just lose it at the counter, i break out laughing and run back to the car with the goods. we get back to kevin and micheal starts playin bond on the N64. micheals really good at it soo i just thought i was watching a really crappy movie. i'd start staring at the christmas lights on kevins celing and it would all just blend into these tunnels of light, and then i'd realize my eyes were closed and i was falling asleep. eventually i did fall asleep doing that and woke up feeling a little tired but very much amazed at what $15 can do for ya.
I really really suck at telling stories, not to mention most of what i was feeling were juts feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, so its hard to write about those. either way, shrooms are good, do them alot, annnnd adios.

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