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First Shroom Trip

Hello I'm 17 years old, Male.

Hello I'm 17 years old, Male. Im 5'5 feet tall and i weight around 130lbs. During the day of May 14 me and my friends went on a Shroom Hunt. We thought it was the perfect time because it has been raining a lot for the past few days. So we stoped in a big cow field close by a factory where my dad works.

We were surprise of how many shrooms we found just in an hour, 35 shrooms to be exact. like 10 of them were really big and they were mostly black and white ones. We grabbed one of the little ones and we made a wound on the umbrella and it bled Blue, and according to a friend of mine, that is a sign for a Magic Shroom. so we picked them all up and we split the parts 6 for each of us and they gave me around 7-8 shrooms and 3 of them were really big, and i dont know the exact ammount i didnt really took measures i just trusted my friends and i ate them all up with chocolate cookies and Orange juice around 11:22pm May 15.

The things that i saw that day will change my life forever.

Around 12:10am the first signs of tripping started to show, my whole body started to heat up, Specially on my back, and at the time i was sitting in front of the computer chatting on MSN and the light of the screen seemed to be getting brighter and brigther every second, until i couldnt see what i was really typing into the screen.

When i realized that the shrooms were starting to make an effect i proceded to put some music on, to set a good enviroment, i decided to listen to Pink Floyd.

My first serious Visual distortion ocurred when i turned around to grab a shirt from the closet, and i saw the closet doors moving, in the form of tidal waves, side to side, but the vision didnt scared me at all, i was still concious about my state of mind and i could control it... so i snaped the doors open and i grabbed a t-shirt then the movement stoped.

I then lay on my bed just listening to the song, and watching the black dots on my celing move in circular forms. they were moving faster and faster and faster....

At 1:35am the Shrooms really took control over me, i could no longer walk correctly and i could hear a voice coming out from the inside of my Blue wall, which i named Mindy in the moment that i hear "her".

2:00am i was totally freaking out, the walls were turning into some kind of gel... some oooze thing... and the celing seemed to be comming down on my head... i started screaming, not so loud though, i did not wanted to wake up my parents.
After a while i was in control of my emotions again and i layed on my bed, just looking at the pictures on the wall, they were laughing... laughing at me... they knew i was scared...

Unknown time... Somehow i lost sense of time, and even more scary, was the fact that i couldnt read the weird numbers on the computer screen so i couldnt tell what time it was. Then everything started vibrating around me, vividly, it felt so real, it looked so real... but i wasnt scared, i was happy. Suprisingly i felt in total peace with the universe around me.

Now i could see the walls moving fast across themselves without having to get close to them, i could see them from my bed. I lay on my bed for an unknown period of time till i finally decided to shut down the lights, and so i did... what i saw next is undescribeable.

The only thing i remember is that i saw myself laying on top of gigant flowers, in a beautiful garden full of shrooms and yellow birds, the flowers again vibrating, giving me the greatest massage ive ever had. Next Morning i woke up with a mild headache and the greatest feeling of peace ive ever felt.

Only thing i know for sure is... I cant wait to trip like this again.

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