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first shroom trip

I first took shrooms about 3 months ago so i will try to remember the details as i go along.

I first took shrooms about 3 months ago so i will try to remember the details as i go along. ive always wanted to do shrooms, as well as my friend, joe. we nerver done them but were not complete squares. we smoke pot and drink beer. we just never got ahold of them before until this one night that made our day. i worked at me 'n eds (a pizza parlor in calif.) for awhile as well as a few of my friends from school and other teenagers my age(17-18 year olds) and we had kegs on tap there too. so when our boss (some old guy) would leave, joe(a different joe, we will call this joe, joeS and my trip friend joe, joeR) would fill in, this was very common. so after about 20 min of playing employee. we would all go to the freezer room and smoke out. one person would be up front making sure pizzas were being made, and calls were being taken. after we smoked, wed wait for all the customers to leave. then proceed to tap the kegs. its about 10:40 pm at this time and shop is closed. a couple of other buddies who deal show up. me and joeR start talking about shrooms again and chris(dealer) overhears the conversation, after 15 minutes of convincing talk, we agree to purchase these shrooms. so i buy an eigth. we were told this is a good dose for the first time(we split it) and we ate them with pizza and washed them down with beer. duh.. so 10minutes later, everybody splits to this party thats going on, me and JoeR decide to sit this one out and go explore our new found friend. so we part and off me and joe go. we drive over to the longs parking lot to grab a burger at nations, next door. (still hungry) and then it hit me as soon as i steeped out from the car. all the trees around me became alive. they shimmered in the moonlight and danced around, casting geometric shadows of star shaped leaves all over the ground. Now Im starting to trip, i thought. meanwhile joe made a change in his direction. instead of heading towards nations, he goes the other way. i thought he was tripping so, i jump behind the bushes nearby to follow him along the way, hoping to surprise him at one point. one of our buddies was parked nearby talking to joe, when i found my way out of the bushes( i was going to scare him, but i was amazed at how weird everything looks on earth(plants, cars,buildings, people, etc.) when i got to his bud's car he was playing music but i didnt know what it was. i could hear it, but him and joe talking while the music was playing, sort of canceled each other out. after about 20 min of that(my time) we head into nations..... this is were things get trippy. when we walked inside, i felt like i was hit with this big blast of warm.. stuff. it was air, obviously, but it felt so intense. there were kids our age all over, i guess this was a popular hang out. we ordered our food and got our cups. when i was filling up my cup with soda i felt like i was sinking inside my self. like my head was attached to a big inflatable bage which deflated inside of my shell like exterior. and everything was really bright, imean so bright, that it hurt our eyes, not to mention, we were laughing our asses off at this time. we then found a booth and sat down. i looked at the table we were sitting at and patterns showed up. and they were moving. like fractals swimming around. i look up and joe has a grin all over his face and hes looking back at me with amazement. i ask him whats so amusing. he just chuckles. i was not amused with that for very long, i turned my attention over to a painting that was hanging on the wall across from us. I was a painting of a round hay bail with grass and a blue sky. pretty. then when i looked closer. the grass started waving and the bail started spinning! wow, this was so cool i thought. after a while we decided that we shouldnt waste this on one painting, so we left after eating and went back to his house. we then decided to watch a movie. pulp fiction, let me say something, that movie is fuckin sick to watch stoned or on shrooms. i felt like i was in the movie. i got really pumped up and started having relevations. all while everything around me was morphing and breathing and colors were showing up for no reason.we agreed that being a mercanary was the life to live. after the movie, nothing else really happened we came down and went to sleep at 3am. woke up feeling ok, a little funny but nothing too bad. i think i will try them again real soon. i also hope to take a whole eighth this time.


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