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First REAL trip!!!

One day, me and my friend popped 3 and a half grams for each of us.

One day, me and my friend popped 3 and a half grams for each of us. (Also we were told that they were shit shrooms but took them any way). We ate them in my house and walked to mcdonalds. it was a bout a 40 min walk and we were with my friend who was just high. It started hittin me when we were sitting down inside. I noticed my high friend's face kind of moving (like colorful kaleidescopes just on his skin) Then i look at my friend on shrooms and his nose looked like it was coming off. All the tiles on the walls started breathing and contracting. It looked like there was some kind of liquid moving around all the walls.

We left mcdonald's and started to walk home. All the cars looked so colorful and stood out so much. We finally got back to our neighbourhood then heard cats meowing at eachother but we couldn't see them. Me and my friend on shrooms were hiding behind my high friend because we were scared and didn't know what was going on. Us 3 were chillin by my house just talking and trippin out. My friend on shrooms kept asking every 20 seconds: "Am I pukeing, am I puking?" I kept saying no then he pointed to my shirt and said that i puked. I looked at my shirt and I actually started thinking i puked because i was seeing yellow spots on my shirt. Then we went and talk on the phone because we were still trippin and i just felt like i had to talk to everyone. It was the best trip I had.

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