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All is Well

It was a relatively warm December morning.

It was a relatively warm December morning. My friend and I had just arrived to the safety of the woods and the beauty of the day was already apparant. He gave me my 1/8th and we began dining right from the bags as we walked the path. "Are you sure you know where your going?" he asked me.
"Oh yeah, I've been walking these woods since I was a little kid." As we left one path to take another, however, we both decided it would be a good idea to make a mark in the dirt.
We finished our shrooms and came upon a flooded section of the trail, with a log lain across the four inch deep, 6 foot body of water and he quickly walked across it. I wasn't sure I could do it. He urged me to just do it already and I took my first step...right into the water, missing the log by a good six inches. After about 15 minutes of laughter, it was safe to say the trip had begun. I finally made it across the log and we came upon a road that goes through the state park we were in. We sat down in the dirt and lit some cigars we had brought. It was fun watching the puffs of smoke just hang in the air, as it was a very still day. After we finished our cigars we decided to walk back to his car. The sun was just starting to go down and the shadows of the trees, made for some vivid colors where there were no shadows. The leaves on the ground, and the green of the pines were beautiful and so vivid..Everytime I looked at something cool, I'd ask him if he appreciated the beauty of what I saw, and he always did. By now I felt absolute euphoria. Knowing that civilization was off doing their own things and all seemed right with the world.
It was then, that I had my only halucination. The sun was coming through a group of trees and the shadow of the trees appeared all wavy on the ground. As I aproached them, the pattern seemed to stand up in front of me and I walked right through it, giggling uncontrolably. I wanted to see if that would work again and it did. That was amazing.
My friend, then found a paintball that must have misfired or something..I don't know anything about paintball guns so he didn't tell me what it was. I held it in my hand, very gently and stared at it with such awe. I had no clue what it could be.. I asked him if he thought it was an egg of some kind and he said,"Maybe". Even though he knew exactly what it was, the jerk..
That's when the weird part happened. We came back to the marker we left in the dirt, only from the wrong direction..Somehow we had made a great circle, meaning that we were lost for half the journey, yet somehow found our way back to the right location. We pondered how that was possible for a while, and finally got back to the car. We then went to the car wash..I got out of the car while he paid and I couldn't find it again, even though it was the only car in the lot..It just didn't look like his car.
Later, as we came down, we played chess and my mind was able to plan attacks so far in advance. I played better than I ever did before or ever have since.
Anyway, if there's a moral to the trip, it is to enjoy the beauty of nature whenever you can. Shrooming is a great way to appreciate nature in all of it's splendor and the peace at mind you feel afterwards is equivelant to a week's vacation..in only six hours.

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