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First Real Trip

I tried mushrooms once.

I tried mushrooms once. 30 grams of fresh mexican stuff. I didn't trip, so I decided to get myself some dried ones. I bought 4 grams of dried mexican shrooms. In the evening I was traveling to another city to visit my friend. He already was 1 hour to late and said it would take another half hour. So I figured, let take the shrooms. I injested them. After a while I start noticing the shrooms. Not tripping but just noticing that they were starting to work. My friend called to cancell our meeting, so I had to go home. I was sitting in the station when suddenly the floor started to turn black. I looked and saw all this black patterns rolling over the ground, to my feet, where they disappeared. everything was crawling with black patterns on the ground. I enjoyed it. I never tripped that hard before, and it wasn't fully kicked in yet. After 15 minutes the black patterns started to flow to 1 spot, leaving a big oil kinda like spot. It just was getting bigger and bigger and after a while everything on the ground was black. I enjoyed the tripping. Then my train came. I went in, listning to some nice music. When I sat, it seemed like the bench I was sitting on moved sometimes. Up, down, left, right. Like it had his own mind. The floor started to get patterns again, but this time they were grey. It was like there were some 2d spirals in the floor that turned and turned. I heard a cellular phone ring.. but is seemed it was miles away. I looked at my cellular and saw it ring. I picked the phone up. The phone seemed like some slimy beast that was twisting and sliding in my hand. But after 2 seconds that was gone. I answered the phone. Antonio, another friend of mine was asking if I dropped by. I told him I was shrooming and he picked me up at the station. He gave me a sigaret (still had the dirty taste of the shrooms). When I putted into my mouth, it seemed like it was broken. I picked it out and saw it was just normal. I putted it back in my mouth and saw it broken again. I kinda liked that :) Robin, another friend called to ask if we came to his house to smoke some weed. I was sitting on the back of Antonio's scooter, so we would be there quick. The ride seemed to took a couple of hours, with frightning and funny times. I was afraid I would fall of because I was shrooming. Thank God that didn't happen. After 5 minutes (the actual duration of the trip) we came at Robin's house to smoke weed. I smoked 2 fat joints, still tripping like hell. Then I went to my home to shroom out behind of my computer. I always like the feeling you get if you type when you trip :) But the strange thing was, when I wanted to go to my chatbox, I tasted that the box was red... How the f*ck does red taste? I dunno, but I definately knew that I tasted that it was red...

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