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First Real Time, Amazing beyond explanation!!!!

ok so here is my attempt to write about what happend.

ok so here is my attempt to write about what happend. As many of you know the whole experience cant be done justice through writing, you'd have to have done it to know what im talking about.

It was a saturday afternoon and i had been looking forward to doing shrooms for a long time. It was the weekend afer SAT's and that same day i had gone to my Grand fathers funeral (big Mistake to trip after an event like that). Any ways i picked up two friends Kevin and Ziggy, dave was gonna meet us at kevins house to trip cuz kevins parents were outta town. At 5 o'clock we all met at kevins house and dave brought a sub to put the shrooms on cuz he's a puss. We had ziggy smoke a few bowls but not shroom so he could watch us. We downed the shrooms at 5 and after a while i started to feel funny. At around 5:30 Dave had to call him mom (who lives across the street). I went outside to see what he was doing and the whole sky was bright pink, this takes place on a cloudy november day so it wasnt the sunset. I told kevin about what was going on so we all went outside and chilled on his hammock. When i looked around the hill of his back yard was moving up and down, i was so excited that my journey was about to begin. After a while we had a few cigs and went back inside. We turned on the Saturday night live best of Adam Sandler dvd and watched the skit with cantene boy. I couldnt stop laughing and came to the realization that Alec Baldwin( playing a gay cub scout in the skit) was really gay and that i had known that all along. i laughed so hard during the whole dvd. At around 6:15 i looked down while ppl were watching the Tv and saw my leg hairs swaying around, it was awsome! Kevin and Dave went into kevins room to listen to music and check out the lava lamp. I followed him and it scared me bad, cuz it was dark and creepy music was on. I looked around at his posters which were moving like crazy, and then i went over to listen to the music and found myself plastered to the stereo, i couldnt move away from it. While all this was happening the lava lamp would glow green at certain parts of the song, and the roof was moving in and out. (the lamp is usually pink). So i went over and grabed the lamp. i couldnt let it go, it was so amazing i grabbed it with one hadn on top of the other and my two hands morphed together so that i had two thumbs on one hand. when i'd stare at the lamp my arms and everything would look like a freaky cartoon with a pink glow around it, that i'd say was my peak it was definantly the coolest thing ever. After a bit of this ziggy comes in and i say "ziggy did i not tell u to shut the F*&k up even though it was the first time i'd seen him since we started and i nvr said nething like that. I just blurted it out, very weird! So we went back to kevins tv area and turned out the lights. Boom! everything looked pixelated and things were chopped up into sections. This continued through the rest of the night and the sections had the color of wet oil under someones car, you know all the different colors.As we watched the Adam Sandler dvd again I started thinking about my grandad who had died the week b4 and was burried that same day. i started to cry and think about all the good times we had. My friends helped me work through it and in retrsopect i think it was a really healthy thing cuz now i feel alot better about it than i probably would have if i didnt work it out with the shrooms. Now its about 7:15 and We got freaked out by the phone but it was just kevins brother bryan calling from work, we were supposed to pick him up at 9:30 but we were in no shape to drive so we had a friend bring him home. After the phone call we went outside and the "pixelated sections" started to spiral and it was crazy. We just chilled outside for a while and smoked. I had no idea what time it was and my only connection to time was the cigarett i had constantly lit but wasnt smoking it was how i could tell time. We decided to go down the street to the local 7-11 which was a feat in itself cuz when i was trying to walk out of kevins yard we all trampled his moms pumpkin patch, but everything was so big it looked like a jungle so i couldnt help it. Basically more of the same stuff as above happened with the sections while walking to 7-11 and back. It was around 8:45 when we got back to Kevins house and almost time for his brother to come home, so we chilled outside just talking and for the first time ever i found out that my friend ziggy is actually smart. i never thought he was smart at all, but thats just cuz i nvr took the time to sit down and have an intelligent conversation with him. After a while of hangin outside talking and seeing more spirals of pixles kevins brother bryan came home and he had no idea what was going on so we got him to smoke bud for the first time. It was fun and he jokingly asked if we were "trippin' on shrooms" and we all laughed and said of course not and we nvr would. Even though he was right!. so Dave went home at around 11, and we all went to sleep. It was a great evening and only something you'd understand if you have shroomed b4 and that nothing i have written can even beggin to portray the experience. So my advice to you dont be afraid and give it a try! also dont trip after a funeral unless you're ready for it to come back to you!

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