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First Post Since OG

Hello all this is my first post since overgrowwas shut down(its bullshit i had like 500+ posts) id like to thank shroomery for informing me that it was shutdown.

Hello all this is my first post since overgrowwas shut down(its bullshit i had like 500+ posts) id like to thank shroomery for informing me that it was shutdown. meh it doesnt really hurt me cause they frowned at ppl who talked about mush and i dont like that.

Well ive only chewed mush 4 times and each time was amazing i try to spread em out over the year cuz i was told to do em in 3 month intervals. besides weed ive only had the pleasure of enjoying opium datura and LSA(which imo i dont think worked)

So im gonna get my first post off with my trip i had last week. I had asked my friend for a half quad which he offers good deals. he has mad mushrooms cuz he loves em. he buys a qp at a time and sells to whoever wants it he says he has had 32 trips to date which i believe sionce he can reminise them with impecable accuracy. So he hid the mush beside his house and i picked em up during the day and held them til i got on this bus to toronto. i was headed to a show my friend was playin at and munched them on the bus.

Man on the way there i sat with two guys im in a bandwith the one with a mickey gettin loaded and i tried chewin the mushrooms but they reaked so i just ate em fast. when we were waiting putside i was feeling that mild buz gettin all loosey goosey and when i finally get in. i had a look around and thought "this is gonna be killer" christmas lighhts and drapes decorated the place and they had these huge arm chairs u just sunk into, i knew this was an ideal enviroment to shroom. also when i walked in the kid who sold me the m,ush was chillin at a couch and jus smiled at me and asked if i took em.

during the opening show i felt the onset things at a distance looked really wavy so did the ceiling and i just sat with my friends shooting the shit. i watched my friends band but im not really into ther styl i was more interested in this exposed pipe on this ceiling that had bolts on it waving around. after that i felt like havin a beer and went out to get cash. then i find out my coat is gone and its -10 outside "fuck it im high" and i just webt outside were i met a major mental quarl. at this point i still believe i am coming up this had to have been the longest come up ive ever experianced. In toronto if u arnt in a club by 10 u r fucked cuz theyre all filled to capacity so i c the most amount of black ppl i have ever seen all around these clubs so i just march over to a bank were these 2 drunk guys yelling at the atm cuz they dont understand it but they werent violent they were actually pretty friendly and invited me to a club but i had to get bak. i laugh alot about it cuz we were all makin a scene. as i walked back i looked at some of the characters in the streets and wondered if anyone really wanted to be here. during this trip i didnt face any real ego shattering i felt like god. i stood judgin everyone the whole huiman race. i can to the final decision that were all a bunch of wankers. dosnt matter if were male female blak white yellow or green cuz were all jus a bunch of wankers liviing to be something others want us to be just to be part of the scene and if you arnt then you arent even noticed which i can totally dig. after i got bak i had soe beer which was overpriced and im glad i used my fake even though im only a year too young 18 and then left in an hour.

Now i finally get to experiance the trip i was fully peaking on they way home and enjoyed every second. i chilled on the bus with the band frontman my mushroom sales man and this other broad. i enjoyed some crazy visuals and audiotry hallucinations. my mushrooms salesman knowws how to make a trip fun anstarted waving his arms in my face making weird pattrens fly around and muttering "your brain is bleeding your brain is bleeding" i told him i knew and gave him the whole sciene lesson only lsd gives a full bleed. your receptors react to the psilocin and cause bleednign which allows for hallucinations i also went on about dimethly tryptamine (spelling?) which i really wanna try. when i got into town i just chilled with my friends ran around parking lots and jumped on cars til i got a ride home with the front man and smoked a few spliffs. now when im on mush im really social on the bus i had 3 conversation going and couldnt stop thinking of shit to talk about, when i smoked weed though i immediatly went into my world and stopped talking only until i had to give directions. its funny how when i smoke weed i make desicions about my life but when i do mush i dont wanna smoke weed ever again.

i then chilled at home listened to zepplin til i came down at 4 in the morning.

it was a solid 6 hour trip that was soo much fun my only regret is this is my 4 trip but im looking forward to more i actually wouldnt find growin too.


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