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First Hippy Flip

It all started out Friday the 13th of this year.

It all started out Friday the 13th of this year... I managed to get a hold of 2 grams of mushies for a great price from a friend, and a tab of pure MDMA.
I took them around 7 o'clock with my friends, who were only rolling however. We went to Ricks house and began to get ready for their rolls to kick in. I got shit out for them seeing as they were newer to the wonders of E. Around 810 I felt the shrooms begin to kick in, and shortly after that I noticed a box I was looking at began to "breathe". We went outside around 830 and lit up a bowl... this is where things get amazing.
I wandered away from the circle and ended up sitting on this little fort Rick had in his backyard. I would stare at things and notice them begin to breathe and slightly wobble back and forth. I looked to the ground and stared at a tenis ball and suddenly jumped towards it. I picked it up and threw it at my friends on a spontaneous childish impulse(it was fun however). After apologizing I looked to the ground and realized it was water, I began to walk and saw ripples coming from under my feet. This was the first hallucination I've ever had that amazed me.
My friends snap me back into reality by telling me they wanna walk to the new Super Target, but wanna smoke a cigarette first. I inform them Im going now and walk off down the alley around 9. I get to Super Target and wait about 5 minutes and decide I dont want to wait any longer for them. I walk to our High School football field and sit inthe bleachers. As I stare at the wooden planks a lion forms out of the wood grain. It starts moving towards me and then back down for about 10 minutes. I lift up my head and see someone playing soccer. I cant decide if he's real or not and decide to leave.
I walk over to the baseball field and climb over the fence and sit in the outfield smoking a cigarette. As I stare into the chainlink fence, lite pours through to form a face. After 30 minutes of searching for a way out of the field I get out and walk back to my car. I go to a place we call the grave.
As Im walking down the hill to go to this cliff I look at the ground and its covered in snow... somehow I decide to reach down and pick up a handful of it. I picked it up, but it wasnt cold, so I decided it wasnt special and threw it down. I walked down a dirt path and laid under some tree branches by the creek. As I looked thru the branches I began to see so many faces. None of them I recognized, but I assume they were faces of strangers seen in random places along my life... just stored in my head. I realize Im becoming to slowly fall back to reality and leave the woods.
As I get back into my car I call my friends and we meet to smoke a bowl. I tell them all about my experience and the look at me like children because of the E. We end up going to a party, and rolling until 5am. It was an amazing experience... I hope to have another one like it someday.

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