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First GREAT Trip

I have always been interested in drugs (or at least since I started smoking weed) Anyways for the longest time I research about shrooms and had done them about once or twice, nothing too big (1g).

I have always been interested in drugs (or at least since I started smoking weed) Anyways for the longest time I research about shrooms and had done them about once or twice, nothing too big (1g). So this was my first real trip. Other times I did low doses (with a friend of mine) and we concluded that they were cool but could be better.
I had gone to a cottage with my sister and 3 of our friends. the whole weekend was spent drinking and smoking weed however earlier my sister had bought a 1/4 pound of shrooms and brought them back from BC.
So, one night I got two grams off my sis and thought that would be pretty good but luckily, (for me) one of our friends who had done mushrooms before and decided that they weren't her thing gave me a gram that was given to her. GREAT!!! I thought so I went to the kitchen and got two pieces of bread and some honey and sprinkled the shrooms on(it makes for a great sandwich if u don't like the taste). After munching them down a was relaxing with my sis and my friend (the one that gave me her gram). At that moment I had no idea where the other guys were and was told that they had gone for a walk. So, I went out to aimlessly look for them. I ended up down by the lake and got to watch the sunset. At this point the shrooms started to kick in so I was feeling excellent .
At that point though I felt a little nervous and was SURE there were little forest elves running around trying to hunt me down. So I decided to head back. After I got back I was REALLY buzzing, every cell felt like it was vibrating with joy. A few minutes after I got back my buddies returned. At this point the hallucinations began , instead of havig a few intense hallucinations the entire evening was just FUCKED! I can remeber looking down at this oriental rug and it seemed as though I was leaning forward enough to fall over but instead something prevented me from toppling over and the rug appeared to look like art in a gallery (as though it completely vertical) it's hard to explain but it was even more confusing to look at. The truly amazing thing was how EVERYTHING was emphasised, so if something was red it would be BRIGHT neon red and vibrating, swirling and morphing (I love that about shrooms) also this wasn't like any regular cottage I had been to it had tonnes of african statues and artifacts (great to trip to)
After about 1.5 to 2 hrs of running around like an idiot and trippin out to anything that was in front of me, everyone decided to run away, my sis was sick and passed out, my other friend went to pass out as well and the girl that gave me her shrooms and one of my buddies ran off and started fooling around. So I gave them their privacy after hanging out with them for a while(it got kinda awkward after awhile) they wanted me to stay but like I said everything becomes emphysised, so if it was weird and awkward it's even more weird and awkward
At this point the trip started to change course all of a sudden I was completly alone and trippin like mad. inevitably I became very depressed (now I know that this is called first great trip but I'll explain later)
So now I'm totally bummed out (for no reason really) and I decide to go to sleep...... it was almost impossible.
I spent 5 hrs in comple darkness and silence scared as hell to even move....
... it was the worst time of my entire life.
Honestly it was pure HELL.
I could not think
I couldn't remember how to talk and I was forever living the moment all I could think was " ok I'll get to sleep and when i wake up this will al be over"
eventually I think I had come up with some horrible phylosophy that life is just one meaningless waste of time.
Eventually I passed out and woke up refreshed and a little confused about the night before.
Now let me explain why I called this First GREAT trip some of u may be saying "what the hell is he talkin about that sounds like a horrible trip!!" well... part of it was but alot of it was great. But thing that I learned is that you can't just injest shrooms and expect a great trip, YOU have to make the evening fun YOU have to prevent shit like this from happening MAKE YOUR OWN FUN DON'T JUST EXPECT IT TO BE GIVEN TO U ON A SILVER PLATTER.
remember that teh entire trip will be determined on your mind-set.

Shrooms are a great tool for figuring things out, having fun and expanding your mind a spirit don't EVER take them 4 granted

well thanx for reading and hopefully u understand what I've said and will learn from my experience


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