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First experience with any drug.

As the title implies, this was my first experience with any recreational drug - the most I had done was to get drunk, I had never even smoked marijuana.

As the title implies, this was my first experience with any recreational drug - the most I had done was to get drunk, I had never even smoked marijuana. There is an expression that states that you have to start at the bottom before you hit the top, that does not apply to a mushroom trip.

Anyways, my girlfriend of several months at that time was an experienced drug user at that time, she suggested that I try shrooms with herself and her friends, I didn't see any harm in it. It bugs me that to this day I can't remember how much I had eaten in terms of grams but it had to be a pretty consistent amount to knock me up to what most definitely qualifies as a Level 3 trip.
We were sitting in my girlfriend's friend's basement and splitting the shrooms equally across a desk, my girlfriend's friends suggested that I have some orange juice to increase the trip and avoid any possible nausea; I didn't think shrooms tasted bad, dry and chewy yes, but the OJ did its job.
So about after 15 minutes of sitting around this great chill spontaneously covers my whole body, it wasn't unbearable or even that uncomfortable but it was unexpected. That's when I look at my girlfriend and I see that she's staring at the pattern in the knitted carpet and I realize that we were both in it, our out of it.
"What are you looking at?"
"The loops in the carpet, they're like worms, thousands of worms."
"But they're stuck in the floor" I try to pull on one of the loops in the fabric in a vain attempt to liberate the worm-essence from the carpet.
"Be careful with my friends..."

Everyone else in the room had started their trip because someone decided to turn of the lights and play some music, specifically Black hole Sun by Soundgarden. This, if anything, definitely quantifies my trip as a Level 3. Black Hole Sun is about 3 minutes long at most but it's also a mellow song that takes its time in unraveling itself. Under the influence of shrooms, this song lasted for three hours. As I mentioned earlier the lights were turned off but there was a glow-in-the-dark bong up on shelf. My girlfriend at that time and I both have bad eyesight and should be constantly wearing eyeglasses so we could not really distinguish what that glowing form was. At first it was a message in Arabic, then Japanese but I thought to myself "Why would there be something written in kanji characters on a Las Vegas neon billboard?" The thought made me giggle a bit but mostly made me realize that the darkness had enveloped me and chased away my pervious chills. For the rest of the song I focused on the flowing green light of the bong, manifesting itself as an anointing fountain.

Once the song had ended and the lights were back on, everyone but myself had agreed to play the board game Sorry! - I did not know how to play. I watched as they set up the board, cards and other pieces and once they started to play I realized that the board game was controlling the universe on a sub-atomic level, but I didn't know how to play. Panic ensued. I ran upstairs, trying to flee the gravitational pull of that black hole of a board game and found myself locked in the bathroom.

I realized that this was the smaller bathroom of the house and I did not like this either, so the surrounding walls started to melt - or weep. The seemingly natural melting of the paint, the wood, the electrical wires, reminescent of the grandest waterfalls of South America had calmed me down so I stepped outside. I was facing the front entrance and that's when the Feng Shui essence of the house hit me, I could feel the energy leaving and coming, going left and right, up and down, front and back. I did 360 rotation on myself, standing on a carpet between the bathroom and the fron door and my vision had become a series of freeze frames so by the time that I was facing the position from where I first started turning around, I could still see what was behind me.
That's when I realised that my girlfriend and her friends had stepped outside for a cigarette and locked themeslves out of the house, I managed to get them back inside (this was in the middle of december) and we agreed on going downtown for some sights & sounds.
Canadian winters, especially in montreal, are never fun. However, I could feel *the* cold, stinging my nasal passage, filling my lungs and tearing up my eyes but I did not *feel cold*. Every step that I took on the packed and icy street-snow felt as if I was proclaiming my existence against the forces of nature - against the universe. My gilfriend had also brought oreo cookies - heaven in a box. Unfortunately we dropped it and went on our way.
We made our way to the bus stop and this is a busy main street then I realized that I HAD to go pee, it couldn't wait until after the 40+ minutes bus ride. Facing the flowing suburban traffic, I decided that turning around and peeing on some poor family's driveway would be the best option. That was one of the most gratifying experiences ever - not the fact that I was relieving my bladder but the fact that I was nonchalantly acting outside of accepted social norms. Anyways, as soon as I finish my business, the bus pulls up and on we go.
Surprisingly the bus ride was uneventful, my girlfriend had fallen asleep and her face ended up on my lap, the bus was pretty packed with people so I felt a bit paranoid. The fact that on of her friend was giving us one of the biggest "So this is something that you weren't expecting huh?" grins made me laugh and look away some more. I eventually fell asleep myself.
We finally end up at the metro/subway station, this was night time so the streetlights were on, those surrounding the entrance were green. This was beyond green, I definitely felt an overlap of the sense as I could feel green's temperature through my coat, sweatshirt and t-shirt. We make our way to a movie theater/entertainment complex filled with cheap moving lights, music, stores, etc. For some reason my girlfriend was walking around like a chicken would, this was rather odd, I thought to myself as I was coming back to my unaltered state of mind.
"Can I help you?" Asked the cashier to my girlfriend who was staring deeply at the various cakes and pastries in a glass display counter.
"..." Was her reply as she continued her journey.
We sat around for some more, I can't recall if it was a few hours or minutes but eventually we made our way back home and slept really well.

Since then I've smoked marijuana on a regular, recreational and spiritual basis but never did shrooms again, not saying I wouldn't. It's rather ironic that this was a reverse-gateway effect.

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