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First bad trip and why it happened.

This was a few weeks ago now but I feel I should share it with you anyway.

This was a few weeks ago now but I feel I should share it with you anyway. This was my forth trip and I wanted to up my dosage because in my other trips I've never really tripped hard, never met God etc...
My friend, P has done shrooms plenty of times and never gotten a bad trip before and because I had only ever done shrooms with him before it seemed like a good idea. When we do shrooms its usually in his room after his parents go to bed (I know it sounds stupid but we've never been caught before so...)
So we go out to get the shrooms and when we get to the shop the woman has a special offer on, because she was coming to the last of her Thai stock she only has 60g left aand she offers it to us for £20. We got excited then because we had never done Thai before and never done that amount of any shroom. Thai rocks.
So 8 hours later its around 10:30 pm and we decide to eat all the shrooms after splitting them halfway, neither of us really knew how strong they were but they all taste alike heh. At first its amazing, P's walls are breathing, South Park the movie is funny as hell (something we always watch, because it never gets old), when we decide to smoke a King L out of his window. (King L is a long joint).
Were smoking away when his mum walks into the kitchen which is below P's room, P panics slightly and stubbs out the joint on the wall. Fair enough right? No, ash falls infront of the kitchen window and his mum sees it so she knows we were smoking. Now P had told his mum many times that he was quitting, but he never has, hell we were wasted on monday night.
So we both started to kinda panic a bit but we shut the window and lay down. This is where the trip started to take a turn for the worse. I kept looking at the door and the handle kept rattling as if someone was gonna burst in. I managed to keep myself sane though until P's mum walked in. She had a small row with P calling him a liar and stuff, not what you need shroomed off your face I know. But she left us alone and didn't check out our eyes which we were kinda grateful for. Then P whispers to me "I think we have a bad trip now." I was just like no chance I'm on top of the world. Then my bad trip started, those of you who know what a bad trip is like will know how it starts. I felt uncomfortable and the lack of any sound didn't help either as I started hearing noises.
I crawled over to P and saw that he was having a bad trip to so we started talking, most of it was complete nonsense until he started to panic. "I think we took too much." I was like naw I don't think we took enough... just to try and calm him down but it wasn't working. He started crying and saying that he was sorry and he grabbed my hand. I think that helped a bit because we knew that we weren't alone and that we were both feeling the same thing. So I thought.
P then seemed to perk up a bit and he started walking around, I thought great he's having a good trip but he couldn't work his stereo... which made him cry again. When you see someone cry on shrooms its really not a good thing, especially when theres nothing you can do about it. What he did next didn't help either. He started hitting me, gently but it was still kinda hurting, he was saying such random bullshit that I just had to laugh. To this day I have no memory of what he was saying it was completely lost to me.
This is when his bad trip started to peak, kind of weird because I could feel myself starting to come down from mine. I tried to get him to lie down while I out on some music but he ran out of the room. I could hear him walking up and down the stairs but I couldn't move to help him. This is when the shit his the fan.
He burst into his parents room at 2 am screaming his head off that he had done drugs and how sorry he was. Great I thought... just great. He ran downstairs and into the kitchen although I still couldn't move. To this day I am still grateful his sister was there, but I'll get to that.
His mum walks into the room and starts talking to me, I had to tell her we had done shrooms, I mean what choice did I have, thankfully thought I got her to believe it was the first time we had done them. Well thats one not so bad thing. Then she says that she better drive me home so I can talk to my parents about it, bollocks.
P's sister and her boyfriend have both done plenty of drugs and know what its like having a bad trip and know what to do.
They came in to check if I was alright and P's sisters boyfriend stayed with me just chatting and playing Vice City. P was well fucked up still though. He told me that he was downstairs and that he hit his Dad twice in the face but his Dad didn't fight back. P's sistr talked P's mum out of driving me home which was lucky because I was still tripping a bit and couldn't be fucked to talk to my parents who would probably freak out over it. (There christians so they don't touch drugs nor do they know what to do.)
So at around 3 am me and P smoke a joint to calm ourselves down, needless to say P's mum wasn't too happy but she wanted P to be safe so they allowed us, thankfully that worked and P calmed down and our trips went down to like level 2 with some small OEVs it was one crazy night I can tell you but we both learnt from it. Looking back it was still a kind of enjoyable experience because we learnt so much from it, but I guess next time we will do a smaller dosage.
I find that you can learn some more useful things from a bad trip then you can from a good trip.
For instance if two people are having a bad trip it takes a third person to calm them down. Also fear and anxiety spread quickly.
But mostly I learnt that it is never good to trip in a house where someone's parents will flip out over you doing drugs.

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