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All Five And Sevens

This was a day trip I had on my own (but with company) with 50 little shrooms.

This was a day trip I had on my own (but with company) with 50 little shrooms. I took them in tea and ate what was left on a cracker. They didn't have as much effect as they would ordinarily, since I'd had a similar dosage the previous day, but I still got some nice visuals. With my eyes closed, these were swirling alcoves of colour, washing from red, down to purple, up to yellow and down to red again.

"Toreador" was playing on the stereo; it sounded amazing, and no thanks to the equipment. I think listening to classical music with a wide stream of consciousness is an underrated activity. We also listened to Caravan's "In the Land of Grey and Pink" which was also excellent, especially "Love to Love You", which is mostly in 7/4. As a mathematician, I find 5 and 7 (and other small prime numbers) suddenly come to life while tripping - I'm not sure why and I haven't heard anyone else describe this effect. The others went outside while I stayed in and watched the moving fractal on the carpet for a few minutes, imagining it to be a quickly evolving civilisation of tiny creatures. This was engaging but I decided I was being a bit antisocial and went outside with the others. Everything was chopped up into a mosaic pattern but otherwise reasonably normal.

After a while I went back inside to sit around in contemplation a bit more. While I had my eyes closed, R. interrupted me through the open window with a weird noise, which was deeply disturbing at the time. A bit later, I had what I consider to be a reasonably sane conversation with B, whom I hadn't met before. After B. left, R. put some Hawkwind on, but it was terrifying - although it sounds OK normally - and I had to ask him to turn it off.

"Such a primitive people, these Narn. Still worshipping their sun." That's according to Londo on Babylon 5, but I finally saw the appeal in worshipping the sun, as it set behind the trees. K. tried to stop me from staring at it, which was probably a good move.

R. asked if I wanted a roll-up (tobacco). Normally I wouldn't have, but shrooms make tobacco taste strangely sweet to me. Smoke is also fun to watch in this sort of state - it emphasises the "fact" that there is too much space occupying a given volume. I then elaborated my desire to get a hat like Dipsy the Teletubby and to change my name to a single letter; I decided that "S" was fairly neutral. I haven't gone through with either of these yet. Perhaps another time.

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