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First bad SHroom trip

first off i just wanna say i am 18 and weigh around 125 pounds, pretty much a small guyLast thursday i had the worste shrooming experience ever, this was my 4th or 5th time tripping, and before this i just had small doses to reach the point where i was just getting up to lvl 1 or barely 2, my first experience was about a 2.

first off i just wanna say i am 18 and weigh around 125 pounds, pretty much a small guy

Last thursday i had the worste shrooming experience ever, this was my 4th or 5th time tripping, and before this i just had small doses to reach the point where i was just getting up to lvl 1 or barely 2, my first experience was about a 2.5 though

anyway my friend (T) and I bought an 8th of cubensis from a friend of ours, and were planing to trip together the coming weekend, he had never done shrooms before and i was looking forward to tripping with him. The next day he calls me saying he ate about a gram and was "fucked up" all night, that being his first trip i dont doubt one gram would do that but, thats not really a shrooming experience to use as reference, so that day we go to his house and he wants me to eat them, saying they were SO powerful and i HAD to just try em right there, seeing how T doesnt know barely anything about mushrooms this didnt really spark any interest but i ate them anyway.

i had just about 2.5 - 3 grams, no scale just going from how much was left in the bag.

After i ate them, we went up to my house to pick up my car because we were planning on him just driving around for a while as i tripped to listen to music (i have a nice system that hits hard, and wanted to see what it would be like while tripping)
when i got home i decided to smoke a bowl to make the come up a little less "anxious" (i cant describe it but anyone who has taken shrooms knows that weird come up feeling im talking about."

anyway after i smoked the bowl it was about 20 minutes since I had eaten them and to my suprise they were creeping up on me FAST. Usually it takes about 45 mins to an hour for them to hit me, but this time wether it was the weed or not, i just felt them a lot faster, once i get to my friends work (where he was waiting for me) it was about half an hour since i had taken them, and the trip was starting.

For the first hour while driving everything was fine and i was having my usual full-time shrooming smirk on my face. We went out into the woods for a while so he could smoke, and i took a few more hits there, which made my trip just come even faster and get more intense, for the first time i saw things melt...something ive been wanting to see from shrooms before bu tnever had accomplished, tree limbs were melting and the mud was flowing and swimming all over the ground. Having the time of my life!

we get back in the car and my deck for my cd player was just entertaining the shit outta me, blues and reds melting and tracing everywhere.

After that we decided to drive up to a city near whered a lived to go to this good drive in restaurant, while there we listened to tupac - "cant c me" and this song messed with my head good, i would think only techno was fun to listen to on shrooms but damn, my tupac cd was having its fun with me, all the beats got distorted and bluuurping and bloooping, this was just amazing and i just was bursting out laughing from all this. And from then on time also had no meaning for me, it was all the same.

After that my trip started to get bad.

we drove around some more and he was sobering up and getting bored and wanting to go rally my car....MY TINY ASS GEO METRO, this got me all worried, i started screaming at him whenever he would do the littless things with my car like swerve for fun , or slam on the brakes and it was only about 6pm still dark though, thats when he started going on bout "damn ure fucked up" or "damn those shrooms are kickin ure ass" i dont know about any of u, but thats not sumthing i like hearing when im tripping, especially sinc ethis was my biggest dose yet.

that made me more nervous and to top it off, he decided he was gonna go around to mailboxes in MY car, and start stealin gmoney out of cards he found.

i completly lost it here , and could not control my anger/sadness as to why he did that, at first i was just worried about getting caught and sitting in the passenger seat tripping pretty hard, so i just screamed at him some more.

After that i started crying for out of no where, because my emotions just took over me and it sucked, in my mind at the time was just me thinking of my friend here as a thief and how sad the kid would be if his birthday card was missing its money. I dont know why but that did it for me.

After i calmed down a bit, we decided to go back to my house and chill out and watch a movie.

I had sobered up a bit and felt fine communicating with my parents, even tho i still felt confused and was tongue tied sometimes (seriosuly i cant talk for shit when im tripping, lol)

RIGHT when i walk through the door my parents start talking to me about a trip the family was gonna take this coming december, i just nodded and said id talk to them about it later because i had my friend over. Plus at that time i just wanted to chill and watch a movie.

When i got upstairs my brother starts talking about some company called me and i had to call them back, i had NO IDEA what he was talking about, and my friend being as stupid as he is thought my brother was spelling out the name of his girlfriend and started asking did kia call , hey did she call (even tho my brother said the companies name which was something like T.I.A. or somethin like that i dont even remember"

this annoyed me more and i screamed at him some more, becuase i seriously began to think this friend of mine was DAMN STUPID, because during my trip he would just say the DUMBEST things, and this added to them all.

anyway i layed down on the couch and started to watch the movie ("How High")

from then on the rest of my trip was good, i was coming down and felt perfectly normal after the movie, i drove him back to his work where his truck was then came home and ate dinner with my parents just fine.

Overall this was a pretty shitty trip, and decided im gonna stop using them for a while, and i probably will never have a sober "1 time shroom tripper" with me, all my other experiences with my other friend or alone went just fine and i had the time of my life

Shrooms are ALL about the setting anf who u decide to do them with, so pick those carefully and ahead of time, also dont just be bored one day and if someone offers you shrooms, dont just take them, i wasnt really in the right mindset and had a bad setting and was probably why it took a bad turn.

i WILL shroom again but not for a while, shrooms can be very enlightning anf had made me realize a lot about my life and my additude, i dunno if its just me turning 18 or the shrooms but i AM maturing and turning into a better person from all of it.

Ill always be a smart ass lil fuck hehe, but the main things shrooms made me realize is this, and maybe u should all think about it too...

just because someone is completly diferent than u, or act completly diferent, it doesnt make them FAGS, or make them deserve to get the shit beat out of them.

happy shrooming


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