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ok so it was the 4th of july here in the USA and that means independance day.

ok so it was the 4th of july here in the USA and that means independance day. that means shitloads of bright fireworks and things to make a trip perfect. there were a few ppl over and none of them tripped. i was the only one. 1 friend knew i was tripping and the others had no clue. i took them around 8 o clock, went into the bathroom and put them in my hamburger, and sat in front of my family and consumed them, but they didnt know, they thought i was only eating my dinner. i started to feel it around 8 30. relaxiation, body buzz, the usual. ive only done them once before. we went down by the water around 9. perfect timing. the sun was settng and they were kicking in hardcore. it was beautiful already. we sat there in a line massaging each other and it felt sooo good, even though they didnt know i was tripping. fireworks started around 10. again perfect timing. i was peaking. the fireworks were sooo close to us they would almost hit us, literally. they were beautiful, i cant even begin to describe it. the colors were amazing. i felt like i was melting in my chair. like i was a liquid. they felt likle they went on forever. what had seemed like a half an hour was 5 minutes. i didnt really have distinct visuals but it was because i didnt close my eyes, or didnt try and trip myself out, but i was definately fucked up. the fireworks ended and i attempted to get up. i was walking so crooked. i got back home around 11 and was still tripping hard. we lit off some of our own fireworks but they freaked me out cause they were too close. everyone went home around 11 30 or 12 and i was left at my house, still tripping pretty hard. i had nothing left to do, and no one to talk to . i started getting bad vibes, which wasnt good. it was like 1 am and i wanted the trip to end. i was coming down and wanted to sleep but when your tripping you cant. i was like "ok ive had my fun lets end it". i talked to one of my friends then at like 1 30 and he said it would be ok just to go watch tv and talk to yourself. amazingly it worked. i didnt end up falling asleep till 5 am but it was ok. luckily i didnt get anymore bad feelings. very good night.

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