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final holland trip

This was the last time I did 'shrooms in Holland before I left about a month ago.

This was the last time I did 'shrooms in Holland before I left about a month ago. My friend and I bought our mushrooms the day before and we met in town before we started. We met in Amsterdam around 6 o'clock or so and we hadn't really decided what we going to tell my friend's parents except that I was going to spend the night. Other than that we had made lots of preparations, what to bring, what to do etc. After some deliberation we decided to tell my friend's parents we were going into this town by his house that night to go to some bars or clubs or something and that we wouldn't be back late so they wouldn't wake up. After we decided this we headed to a coffeeshop and smoked some dope. We were pretty high, but not ripped. So then we walked around a bit and ran into some stupid-ass people from school, which was funny. They asked us if we wanted to go out tonight and drink or something, but we told them we had other plans and laughed. Anyway, we got all my stuff, which included music, a few books, my video camera and some miscellaneous trip toys and headed for the train. It was about a twenty minute ride to his house so by the time we got there, we were pretty much down from being high so we talked to his parents for a while and then told them our plans and left.

There was a pretty big park near his house and we decided to go there to eat our shrooms and start before we went back. It was about ten by the time we started eating them so we had a few hours to kill before we should return. Before we left his house we grabbed some chocolate chip cookies his mom had made and some water. Then headed out. We sat in the park and ate our mushrooms. We each had 15 grams of fresh philosopher's stones (Psilocybe Tampanensis). This was the second time we had this type. They are like truffles and very nutty so we put them on top of our cookies and they tasted pretty damn good. After we ate these we decided to walk around the park a bit because I had never been there. We walked around for maybe twenty minutes and they hadn't started to kick in yet, so we decided to walk around the neighborhood. They still didn't kick in for maybe another forty minutes or so. We got back to the park and it was alot different. We sat on a different bench for a while and I was looking at the tree leaves and they looked like an MC Escher drawing. It was cool!! Then we walked around in the park some more and one of the trees with a light on it changed to flourescent green with bright purple stuff growing on it and the grass started over taking and eating the path we were walking. By this time it was almost twelve so we headed back to his house.

We got there and up to his room, but I had to piss, so I thought, and the bathroom was right by his parents room. That kind of sucked, but I went to the bathroom and got to his room with no problem. His room was wacked out!! There were three different colored lights and flags and stuff hanging all over the ceiling. He even had a copy of the declaration of indpendence on the wall!! So we had the lights on and turned on some music and started talking about nothing, like always. The mushrooms were much more confusing than the previous time, I think it was because we had smoked some dope earlier. We started talking and then when I was peaking, I started telling stories, why, I don't know, but I did. First, we put on the soundtrack to JC Superstar, which is very trippy and emotional, and I started telling the story of Jesus along with the musical. Then we changed the music and we busted out some books. I tried to read passages from Hess's "Siddartha," but I couldn't read so I tried to tell the story and it didn't work so well. Then we played with the video camera and the red dot on the front indicating that it was recording was like a laser coming from the front of the camera. It kind of freaked me out, but it was cool. The rest of the night was spent trying to sleep until like five o'clock in the morning. Then we woke up and his mom made us pancakes around noon, one advantage of tripping at home!!!

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