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filmic scenes

I had done mushrooms a few times before but not had as good experiences.

I had done mushrooms a few times before but not had as good experiences. I took 40 grams of fresh amazonians to friends house who'd never done them but was curious.
It was shortly after christmas and he still had his tree up. We eat our equal share and chatted while waiting for the come-up. After a time it became really hard to follow the conversation and both of us would forget what we were talking about a few seconds earlier.
I put some mellow Divine Comedy tracks on and thats when the trip hit. Because his flat was quite grand, antique furniture and all, everything seemed fantastically filmic. Like we were inside a film noir.
He stood up and spent ages describing how much lower i was and how much in the corner i looked.
I was lying on the floor at that point and watching the centre of the floor 'breathe'. It heaved up and down gently, fascinating to watch.
After some time i kept seeing these patterns on the floor. They looked a bit like bugs drawn by Aztecs, the kind of thing you see in aztec architecture. They slowly rotated around each other.
When we came down i attempted to draw the patterns i'de seen but was unable to recreate their delicate nature. My mate said the resulting drawing was exactly what he had seen too.

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