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Fiery night sky

I've tripped several different things now, but the first time I shroomed definitely ranks as a great high point.

I've tripped several different things now, but the first time I shroomed definitely ranks as a great high point.

At the end of a long roadtrip, two friends and one's girl and I arrived to a beautiful, glowing city in the shadows of mountains. We'd arrived for a weekend vacation, and really had no plans other than (a) party, and (b) jam--the three guys in the group were musicians, and we knew a few others in the area. The main leaning was for getting some tasty, fruity greens and some home-brewed mead.

One of our hosts kinda broke the evening to us. He had an ozzy, a gift from some friend. Probation had him not toking, but he was down for some tea, so we slugged down peppermint and fungus tea. Pretty goddamn tastey, too, with all the little squishy choppings 'n such. At first, anyway.

The entire trip was made by the atmosphere. The backyard of the house was fucking paradise--soft swing chairs, a huge tree, plants and flowers everywhere. No matter where you were, you could hear one of the natural-looking fountains and the sound of running water. Can't recommend that enough.

So, the host starts putting in phone calls, and pretty soon we've got a crowd of probably 15 sitting around bullshitting. Thick, superdank doobs start floating around, and so by the time I notice myself having these huge, uncontrollable yawns, I'm already blazed.

Then I start laughing. Really fucking hard! So hard I can't stop, I'm not making any noise, barely moving, but Mike's telling me something and he looks so much like a cartoon devil I can't handle it!

After an eternity, I gained enough control to stop laughing, but focus is beyond all reach and I gave up fast. Nearly everyone had hit the tea at least a little, and two people were vegging in the house, overwhelmed by a mescal cactus trip.

Time had simply become 'now', and everyone around me was their own universe, doing their own thing, but the vibe between us all was so great that even strangers had a strong, friendly bond with the entire group.

After a while of some deep philosophizing with friends, one of my buddies convinced me to go off alone and close my eyes. The visuals were already strong; the tree had turned to wax and melted into the rock fountain by the time I walked into it.
And that was maybe halfway into the trip.

Describing it all would be pointless, but I will say that I fell asleep on the lawn, and woking up laughing. I've rarely been that outright happy, and for about three days I was still riding on the impact on my mind. Joyous and kind of a prick, because I was tired of putting up with square minds fighting wars on my personal freedom.

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