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FEAR.....And it's power to send us into survival MODE.

How many of you can say you have really felt fear?

How many of you can say you have really felt fear?
In society we are filled little snipplets of fear they call being nervous.
Being scared to go talk to a certin girlguy that you have a crush on or the feeling you get when you realize there are red and blue light's flashing behind you after a night
of drinking,That is nothing compared to what i expierenced yesterday.

Try to imagine that state of fear lasting for atleast an hour.
What had happend was me and four of my friend's were
out at cranberry flats near saskatoon Sask, enjoying a peaceful journey of expanding our mind's and learnig about
how powerful we actually are.

Me and one of my friends had decided to go off the path and walk about 30-40 feet away from the others.
We stopped to rest in a little sand pocket close to the river,and did'nt realize that they had lost sight of us. So as we layed there letting the sun fill us with energy,time ceased to exist. But during that time they thought we had gone back to the car so thats where they went.

Being that it was our first time out on the flat's we had no idea where we were.
Instantly we were filled with fear and confusion,we walked all over the vast hill's of the flat's.
We were up,down going east and west looking for any trace of our friends. But they were nowhere to be found,we were yelling and wistleing soo loud but they could not hear us because of the wind and the hills.

Plus they were at the car(which was pretty far away),So once we realized we were completly lost,we tried to retrace how we got to where we were.But like i said it was my first time out there so i really had no idea where we were.

So we walked all over the vast plains of the praries in this insane state of survival,fearing that the sun would go down before we could meet up with our friends. At times we would even run for a bit because it was getting darker by the second and as every minute passed we felt like we were going to be left behind. Instantly we had to go into survival mode,looking over at a branch seeing it stripped of all it's bark made that feeling intensify.

Trying to imagine what did that to the tree made reality even more real,we had gotten even closer to understanding nature than any of our past journeys. I broke off that branch so i could use it for protection. It was pure instinct,I believe that this is how the first man and woman alone on the earth must have felt when night started to fall.
I have expierenced level 5's before that didn't even come close to this third level expierence of fear and it makes me wounder about the forces that drive us to survive.
Do you think that the small problems in society actually matter? Think again.....put your self in the true state of fear and see what your capable of.

On an end note we are too comfortable in society to learn and act on instinct, and the only way that we will learn is if we are out in that zone. And to be honest you will never find that enviornment in the city...

Thanks for reading
and i hope that you all can feel this expierence in the future,it has risen me and my friends to a new level of conciousness.

I you would like to hear more details msg me @intellect222.hotm

sincerely son of god

after all aren't we all

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