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Aliens and Shrooms

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Last night I ate a big mushroom to observe the interaction between tripping and Kundalini. Immediately after eating the shroom I could feel it take effect.
The past few times I've tripped I've discovered a "force" at the top of my head that when concentrated on, feels like it releases liquid warmth. I have learned to do this without tripping, but it becomes MUCH more intense and accesible on mushrooms.
I felt very dense warmth compressed in my chest, so I concentrated on the spot in my head and the warmth traveled up my spine and into my head. When I felt the liquidy feeling in my brain, I had tears of ecstasy and my body trembled like an earthquake. It felt like I was ejaculating out of the top of my head and sending signals deep into space.
At this point a giant red serpent reached down from the sky and connected with the top of my head and came down to the base of my spine.
I felt so sensitive that I could feel peoples thoughts and feelings that weren't there, it felt like I was tapping into the Universal Unconscious. I was one with the entire human race.
I was alternating between being paralyzed with fear and overwhelmed with love. I lay on bed and suddenly saw images flashing of large headed grey beings (which I've never encountered before) that felt like they were watching over me and doing things to the inside of my body. On one hand it felt like they were helping me grow, but I was also terrified that they were trying to control me or take me over. Whenever I was afraid, there was pain. My lower body started to hum and vibrate and sometimes I was aware of sharp pains in the left side of my body. Eventually I told them to stop because I couldn't take anymore, I was freaking out.
I lay on my floor in a kind of paralyzed state, wondering what the intentions of these beings were. Are they trying to help us evolve or are they trying to control and take us over? I could not tell because my thoughts were clouded with fears. I distantly communicated with them and they said that what was happening to me is currently happening all over the world to many people, and that it's only going to increase until eventually their prescence is known.
I also felt like these beings were working for the reptillians, doing things for them that they cannot do. Theres alot of other things that happened that I'm forgetting because after I fell asleep I tried to block alot of it out.
I am being manipulated by beings but for what purpose I do not know. People that are close to me are also being contacted... If anyone else has had similar experiences, PLEASE share them.

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