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Fear and Loathing

This trip report is about my first time enjoying the pleasures and tricks of the magic mushroom.

This trip report is about my first time enjoying the pleasures and tricks of the magic mushroom. It was Memorial Day weekend and my friends just had harvested their first batch. We ate them fresh, and I took an 1/8. They told me that we were going to eat in the mountains and it only be the four of us. It sounded good and we did it. We all drove up into the Northern mountains of Colorado and when we reached our campsite, there was already a large kegger going on. We knew most of the people there and made quick friends with the ones we didn't. We ate and didn't tell any of the drunks that we were trippin'. We had fun at first watching and disscussing wether or not the gigantic hole in the ground was going to engulf us. We also tried to go for a swim in the lake and argued about the size of an engine in a truck that was up there.
That's when things started getting bad. I was in the middle of my trip,laying on hill watching the stars when I heard a mighty sound. Apparantly, one of the drunk guys was hitting on my friend Josh's girlfriend. Josh was tripping as well and didn't approve of what was going on. That's when the drunk guy took a flaming piece of wood out of the fire and whacked Josh across the face. I stayed out of the fight because there was no way I could defend me or my friends as well as ever figure out what happened. The fight was broken up quickly and the drunk was drove home. Josh came out o.k., but the party was VERY strange there on out. I finished watching the stars and everybody eventually sat around the fire and talked about what happened. I still wake up hearing girls scream and dream about the flaming log.
I still trip and have never had a bad trip since. Concerts are my favorite thing to be at or try to fall asleep and let my mind wander while playing the favorite of shroom bands, The Allman Brothers.
I hope everyone keeps having fun, stays out of trouble, and attempts to be "too weird to live, yet too weird to die"

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