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Farm Trippin

Me and my two friends, Dave M.

Me and my two friends, Dave M. And Dave P. had planned for a trip over the weekend, me being the most experienced of the group, because niether of them had ever tripped. I got ahold of a half O of some cubes, and we decided we trip for two days straight on Dave P. farm. First Dave M. decided to dose a couple hours before me and Dave P.(from now on i'll just put P. or M.) We took M. for a walk through a corn field out behind the farm and he carried his acoustic guitar with him. He had himself convinced the the corn stalks were praying mantis' and he had to play guitar for them, so we just let him do his own thing... until he decided to "stage dive". After not being caught he began destroying all the corn yelling at it. This is when we decided it would be best to take him back and chill out for awhile. Until after his peak all we did was just kick around a rainbow koosh like a hacky sack and play guitar. During his peak he decided to play guitar some more so he stood up and pulled his shirt over his head. We looked at him kinda wierd and then he began banging on the guitar, jumping around in circles and yelling DONKEYBULL in a heavy metal voice. This phrase would later provide hours of entertainment. After awhile i decided i was ready to dose, so i pulled out my bag of shrooms and started munching, we decided to just eat them plain(Ugh)and then went in to get some orange juice. By this time it was about 2 in the morning and we decided to smoke a couple bowls while we waited for the trip to kick in. Once we went back outside after smoking the weed we started feelin the trip, we threw around a blue rubber bouncy ball saying it was the moon, this was when i fell over and discovered how cool the stars are trippin. Around this time my trip was really starting to get goin. We kept pointing out different constellations that dont even exist and others that actually do, we could see the imaginary lines that connect the stars. I pointed out about 5 shooting stars, and we all kept thinking we saw the stars moving around the sky making different pictures. One turned into a crab, another a lizard head, and another the "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" dog. I stood up and stumbled around and began getting some CEV's, seing kaliedoscopes of colors flashing in my eyes and tye dye colors dancing around my field of vision. P. was being the adventerous type and wanted to walk through the corn field, i was SURE i was gonna flip, but facing the fear actually was easy, it didn't look that bad, until P. saw lights in the distance and yelled about UFO's and aliens, we turned around, walked out of the field and quickly snapped out of it. It was around this time we all hit our peak at the same time, all of a sudden everything went greyscale, with only some bright colors jumping out every once in awhile. M.'s hooded sweater kept switching colors from dark red to black and we kept bumping into each other. It felt as if i had entered his body for a brief moment of time, and he had said so too. The rest of the night was just walking around the farm exploring different areas, facing different fears, such as an abandoned barn at 4 AM and scary looking cats. After we came down we talked about many other things that we felt, and we all agreed, trippin on the farm was pretty damn cool.

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