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Farewell High Times

I bought an oz of dried shrooms about a month ago, I had a couple good trips, no more than level two, good times were had, until I ran into trouble with the law.

I bought an oz of dried shrooms about a month ago, I had a couple good trips, no more than level two, good times were had, until I ran into trouble with the law. SOMEHOW, the pigs didn't find my whole stash, and I still had a dose left... Well, I wanted to to trip REALLY hard, sorta as a "farewell to high times" trip, because it would be my last for a while b/c i'm in a lot of shit rite now with the cops. So I took a few grams of Syrian Rue, to test out MAOI's. 45 minutes later, while on the phone with my girlfriend and one of her friends (I was alone at my house, but i was just chattin on the phone) I munched down about 2.5 grams (I know, fairly low dose, but thats all I had left!)... I then just chilled while laughin my ass off on the phone. 20 minutes later I hung up and contemplating wheter I felt it yet or not.. I decided to take a bath for the first time in years (I always take showers) so I went upstairs to one of the bathrooms, and I filled the tub and got in... the warm water felt awesome.. I startin seein SLIGHT visuals, like the steam just looked weird and there was a 2d floating blue and green blob goin around the bathroom (sorta like when you look at a bright light and then look away). well I stayed in there until the water got cold, then I got up and REALLY felt it.. On my way down I looked at this picture I have hung on my wall of my sister and I when I was REAL little (about 7) and she was 20 somethin, and I remembered having that picture taken, she picked me up from 2nd grade one day, and we had our picture taken for mothers day... The picture started to distort, but it still brought me a lot of memories. Well I went in my room and turned on Toady (My MUSHROOM lava lamp... ) and then I went into my closet (which is about the size of a whole room!) and closed the door, and layed down on the floor in the pitchness, with a couple pillows and a blanket I keep in the (my house is MONSTOROUS, and waterfront on the Huntington Beach harbour, and my closet alone is the size of a small bedroom) when I was lying there in the pitch black, I started seeing mushroom outlines in bright white up againt the dark black, it was the coolest visual yet.. I stayed in there for about 10 minutes. When I came out of the closet (you enter the closet through my bathroom. My bedroom has four sections, the bathroom, my TWO walk-in closets, and my actual bedroom) so I was chillin in my bathroom, and I looked at the floor, and the whole thing was moving and swirling and bubbling.I sat and watched it for awhile. When I looked at my white, untextured ceiling, I saw all sorts of red, blue,green, ect. little dots floating through my ceiling, it was really cool... then I looked at the Base of my lava lamp, and the base (the mushroom) has this huge grin on it, but while I was tripping its grin was actually sorta scary. When I looked at the actuall lava, it was the most awesome thing I ever saw. The yellow blobs were forming all sorts of crazy shapes. well, after about another hour of deep thoughts, it finally wore off, and left me with a bright after-glow.I couldn't sleep at all that night

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