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Fairys Kidnappers Staples and One Crazy Ass Trip

I'm at college.

I'm at college. A bunch of my friends are going out to get drunk at some nice parties, and me and my boy 'M' decide to stay in and do some shrooms. He has about 2 grams of some very potent shrooms. We eat a gram each, and wait about an hour, smoking weed etc. Not much happens, we get a nice shroom buzz, but we want more. So we call up the dude with the bangin shrooms and get an 8th. So we split that, now having consumed about 2.75grams a piece. And these were excellent shrooms as you will see. I have no idea about time during this trip, so bare with me, lost complete track and realization of time. Anyways, we are just sitting in my room listening to music, smoking shit loads of herb, and start tripping real hard. I walked out in my hallway to get a drink of water, and see my RA, my pupils are the size of fucking quarters, and as he walks around the corners I see butterflies appearing out of nowhere and flying around his head, so I just laugh and make my way back to my room. Along the way I look down at the rug and notice Im not walking on a rug, but a million little Happy fairy witch like creatures, all 2-d and in a pattern, all swinging by their hats in circles and dancing. They were all smiling at me so I get down on my hands and knees and put my face literally 2 inches from the ground and see these things in perfect detail. Anyways at some point we decide to go downstairs and we see all my friends in the lobby. And they are piss drunk. I mean fucking wasted beyond belief. On the elevator ride down, the entire elevator walls were just amazing, fluid, creatures and objects moving up and down. Usually when I'm shrooming I enter matrix mode where everything is moving or melting and in patterns, but this time it went a step furthur and the moving melting patterns became actual real objects, anyways, my friend comes up to me, and says "usually I fuck with people while they're shrooming but I'm too drunk too do it now." We see my friends downstairs and all of a sudden Another kid from our floor comes in with his girl crying and they were telling this story about how this dude came and tried to kidnap her. We make our way upstairs, and they start telling the story and describing the guy. And I began to bug out and think this was a whole plot against me, that they were all in on it and fucking around with me. Because they were describing the potential kidnapper as me to the T, so i thought. They described a kid of exactly my height, my length hair, my color sweater on and all this, and I began bugging out. I ran to my room and changed clothes completely so they wouldnt think it was me and then I met back up with them. It mus have been at least 2am at this point and don't forget these dudes are drunk as fuck and they are fucking PISSED about what just happened, and they decide to go outside and wander the entire campus trying to find this kid who had tried to kidnap the girl. Well me and my friend are shrooming hardcore and we decide to go with them. It's freezing outside and I just had a light coat on. I mean these kids are walking around in a pack literally yelling at the top of their lungs, and anyone they see they run up to and question and basically scare the shit out of. Me and my friend are following close behind just laughing and it felt like we were just watching a movie basically. Alot of shit went on while we were out on that hunt for the kidnapper that I don't remember, but eventually me and my boy decide to go back to the dorm because I was freezing and bugging out and thinking I had frostbite and shit, I felt my lips and fingers swelling, and would look down at my hands and they looked like 5x their normal size because I was tripping so hard. So on the way back we hit up the elevator again, and my boy jumps up and hits the flouro lights on top of the elvator and they shatter and explode while were in it, and I bug out. The noise was so loud and the glass shattered everywhere, and I smelled fumes, and I wasn't sure if I had just hurt myself or anything when that happened. But we wander up back to my room and start smoking in the dark with the TV on. We smoke for a while, and then I leave my buddy in my room in the dark and go to find my other buds to come blaze with us. Well I end up finding some and completely forgetting about going back to my room and chill with them for a bit, then I remember and go back to my room alone. My friend is sitting there in this chair besides my bed, kind of hunched over and his head down, i run over and jump on my bed and start to pack a bowl. All of a sudden he goes 'dude look at this' I look over and its pitch black all of a sudden he lights a lighter holding his arm up, and he has put 40 FUCKING STAPLES completely into his arm, like fully embedded into his arm. I leap back and close my eyes, and all I see is the image of his arm with 40 staples embedded in it flashing through my mind, he then asked me If i had done that to him. I had to get out of my room because at that point I became deathly scared of the kid, it basically ruined my whole trip. I turned on the lights, and started yelling at him to get the fuck out of my room. He does, after getting very scared himself, and wanders down to the bathroom. I go to my friends room now who are starting to sober up and tell them, I wasn't sure if this was a bad thing or not in my state, and was not prepared to handle it. I tell them anyways, and they immediately realize the seriousness of the situation. We rush to the bathroom and my friend is in a stall sitting down with the door closed. We knock on the door of the stall, and he replies "where am i?" and finally comes out. Then he looks down at his arm and bugs out again. These staples have no fully been in his arm for at least an hour im guessing. He then asks my friends who did that to him. We tell him he did it himself and he didnt believe it. So my friends start picking the staples out of arm 1 by 1, and blood is spurting out of all the staple holes, his arm is completely fillled with blood, and I am bugging out, getting more scared of this kid all the time. Getting actually sick to my stomach thinking about being around him. They end up getting it bandaged up and we all go back to my room to smoke. But I can still not stop thinking about this. We keep talking about it and the kid who had done it to himself told us not to talk about it because it was making him sick too. At that point I had enough and my sober friends realized I needed to get away from 'M' so I tell them all to leave, that I need to be alone and can't handle this shit anymore. So they all leave, and I lock my door, turn off the lights and lay down and watch Family Guy, which was by far the funniest shit in my life on shrooms, I must have watched the same episode 3 times in a row, and it was a new experience each time. But the whole time I am thinking about how my friend who put the staples in his arm is going to lose his mind, come up to my room, break down my door and kill me. I was deathly afraid of him at this point. Not sure what he was capable of doing in this mind state, I mean he had fucking put 40 staples in his arm, and I realized I was in the same mind state as him, and was just basically real scared. Finally after some time had passed I go down to my sober friends room and just chill with them the rest of the night, smokin weed and cigs, and just coming down off the trip. I talked to the kid later who put 40 staples in his arm, and he was telling me how when he was sitting in my room alone in the dark, he became convinced that dolphins were the devil. Apparently soon after 3d dolphins came flying through the air at him, but they were only dolphins so they just bounced off him... he then realized he had "Mind Missiles" which he could fire at the dolphins... he said the first missile shot off horribly and spun into the ground, he said he soon learned how to aim them, and was just sitting there shooting dolphins the whole time I was gone... All in all I'd say the mushroom trip lasted 8-10 hours. Very good shrooms.

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