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Fading Dream

Me and a friend of mine decided to goom one night.

Me and a friend of mine decided to goom one night....so, after saying goodbye to my girlfriend we headed over to a friends house who's parents were going to be gone for a couple of weeks. This was quite convienent considering a drive home, 45 min away, at three in the morning would not be fun. Well, I ate my gooms--bringing forth the onset. Althrough this period I became hesitant between placebo effect and/or the presence of the shroom.

I knew that I had fully made the jump once I had obtained full body connections with feelings/vibrations within my mind. This is quite an extrodinary feeling because with a body high you know that it is there for sure.

Once I realized I didn't have to ponder it being there or not, I decided to look around and see what my subconscious had to offer.

Everything that I chose to place consciousness in became imaginably amazing in every shape or form. Motivation..., my first reaction. Now that reality contained so much to offer I had could not help but to be excited and awake to the other possilbilities and connections. I mean this by that going through this house, I found myself looking for a connection between similar perspective. Every family contains one..., you can smell their scent once you enter the house.

On to the good part....closing my eyes was the best! Interwoven double helixes radiating/pulsating with every color of the spectrum. As I looked or concentrated on the image I began to see that what I wanted. If I thought of it in terms of structure, it all became a pattern....dense facets of crystallized energy. Becoming more and less concrete with the amount of thought I put into its form. But within microseconds it would regenerate itself into a flowing bubbly mass that would somehow vibrate and dance to a somehow familiar form. I don't quite know how to describe the familiar form to which I refer, but it is that which relates solely to me. The funny thing is is that how I first chose to describe my closed-eye visuals was that through interwoven double-helixes (there must be importance in that somehow).

I quickly realized that my trip was heading into self-exploration as I began to ponder the certain fashion (mode, if you will) that I always grasp reality with.

My friend and I finally made a connection through a comment of, "I feel like I'm in a dream." My trip grew more intense as the idea of it being a dream seemed so acceptable. Voices began to echo in my mind. My own voice echoed with each and every word I chose to reflect. From choice I was lead to idea, then concept, and back to my most common perspective which took for granted the accumilation of all.

I know this all doesn't make sense...but you gotta give me a break. I just took a long long walk down many many paths of my mind and don't want to bore you with details.

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