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Faces faces everywhere

Ok, so it all started on saturday.

Ok, so it all started on saturday. I was with my boyfriend and we were doing a trade off. We gave these girls the rest of our coke and they gave us their shrooms. I was already in a bad mood because I hadn't had any sleep at all but J just kept talking me in to it. So I said the hell with it and ate some. I'm not sure how much I ate. This was my first time, he just kind of handed them to me.

We took a trip to a pizza place with 3 other guys who were completely sober. The whole time in the pizza place me and J could not stop laughing at nothing. Like there was nothing to laugh about but everything was so funny. He saw someone who he knew and walked away and I couldn't control my laughter so I stepped in to the bathroom. When I got in to the bathroom the floor starting moving like I was standing in the desert and wind was blowing all the sand around. Demon like faces were all around me and I sort of started freaking out. I got out of the bathroom as quick as I could but then I felt like I was on a boat. I went in to the arcade of the pizza place and these faces were everywhere trying to capture me, it was almost like they were hypnotizing me. So I went to J and told him that I was having a bad trip and he just kept telling me to calm down and I tried but nothing seemed to be working. So we got T's keys and went out to his car. When I stepped outside everything was moving and it was so awesome. Then J told me to look at the sky. I looked at the sky and this huge gypsy guy who was purple, pink, green, and orange was coming straight at me. I was freaking out.

Finally, we left the pizza place and we sat there for what seemd like 4 hours which was really an hour. We went back to C's house. J and I sat in his car for 3 hours and it seemd like weeks. I kept trying to look around and not freak out because everywhere I looked faces were everywhere. I couldn't stop it and I was trying to stay calm. J kept asking me questions and I felt like he was trying to replay everything on purpose.. my response to him everytime was either what or huh. I was so confused I had no idea what was going on. He would be like I want to go to a park every 5 minutes and I would say there's a park by my house. It was too funny I couldn't stop laughing. But, then I suddenly felt like everyone was trying to kill me once we left. I felt like there was something going on that I didn't know about but I was finally catching on. Everything started to freak me out and I thought that I was going to die. I kept asking J if this was going to happen for the rest of my life while his face suddenly turned in to a vampire.

Finally,I stopped seeing faces. I layed down in the grass and everything just seemed so beautiful and I wanted to lay there forever. Everything was growing right in front of my eyes. It was pretty wild.

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