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Alien Trip

My friend bought an oz of shrroms and we all planned on trippping together, but they deciede to trip without me.

My friend bought an oz of shrroms and we all planned on trippping together, but they deciede to trip without me. So I had and 8th of dried shrooms waiting to be ate. After waiting to trip for a few days I came home from boarding and decided to trip alone. Even though it was my first trip. I at about half and chewed it for about 5 minutes after about 20 minutes I felt a little stoned. I decided why use half another time so I finished them off. I sat watching TV as it kicked in real nice. Watching that weird ass show on MTV with the talking sock puppets there was a sock shroom puppet that wigged me out, after that a maddona video was on and it seemed she was in the room singing for me. Then I became adventurous. I snuck outside to have a smoke and found myself walking down the street. I didn't have a plan to go anywhere but I just walked. Then i stopped and starred at the sky seeing the stars I was thinking that they were space ships in battle casue it looked like they were in a patern flying real fast. THen I kept walking and noticed I was 6 blocks away then I stopped and thought about where I was going. There was some areospace building a while away from my house I have always been intrested in what went on in there. So I walked through some yards and found a jesus statue, I saw an Alien in the statue too just starring at me. But I walked over to the building and foud that there was bigtime security and that it was a bad place to be since it was 1 in the morning and kinda in the middle of nowhere. The whole time I constantly smoked cigarettes. On my way back I stopped at a car with an alarm starring at the blinking light inside. Then I walked back home. Snuck in side and saw my 2 dogs. I was pretty scared of them cause they looked like hairy snakes. THen I layed down and just got a little sad, thinking about my life and why it sucked so much with a bad family life. Then got up to take a piss and spit in the toilet and it made a blowfish then as I started to piss the blowfish was drinking my piss and then I flushed hom down and it looked like he was trying to stay alive swimmnig away from the drain. But he was sucked in. After that I just layed in my bed trying to sleep and thinking about my trip. That's about it. It was a pretty good trip for the first time. I'll be ding it again for sure but making sure I'm with friends.

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