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Eyeball washing.

I ingested approximately 3 grams of dried Psilocybe cubensis; I am unsure of which strain, and they were laced with PCP.

I ingested approximately 3 grams of dried Psilocybe cubensis; I am unsure of which strain, and they were laced with PCP.
7:30pm. At a party, I ate my shrooms with a lemon lime citrus-rum beverage and 2.5mg of olanzapine. Talk about a body high, Jesus. I had this intense weight, a general feeling of every cell in my body pushing out and expanding, trying to leap into the surrounding environment.
8:00pm. Sitting on the floor, entranced by the wood grain of a nearby cabinet, oblivious to what's going on around me, I sat there and allowed the trip to begin. Moments later I found myself in the studio, a room in which my band records, totally transfixed on this cute little girl Ashley (awwww..). She had an interesting face, not 'funny looking' but not quite 'normal looking'. It was not a bland face, especially when it sprouted wings and flew off like a dove. I don't know why a dove, but that's what I was thinking at the time.
9:00pm The colours set in. I had noticed that my sense of time was quite erratic. The walls began to move and breath, colours were indisinguishable, and the writing on the wall, written in magic marker, began to drip and drool all over the place. It was quite the interesting, yet familiar experience. It was around this time that the trip started to spiral bad. An acquaintance of mine was in a bit of emotional distress. Being in my drug-induced state, I naturally picked up on her strong negative energy and started to fall into darkness myself.
9:30pm. I shut myself off from the rest of the party. I semi-forced all the drunken bodies out of the studio, closed the door and shut off the lights. I lay in the corner, eyes closed, allowing the lack of sensory stimluation to carry me away from this bad trip. It didn't quite work. A tactile hallucination, I felt small little hands cupped underneath my eyes, massaging them gently, it tickled, and it was quite pleasurable until I opened my eyes and noticed the dark figure looming above with its hands in my eyes was really the face of some sort of dark spirit. This was frightening, but I was aware of its falsehood and shut my eyes again, willing it away. Upon shutting my eyes, the CEV's (Closed Eye Visuals), began to take on a much more vivid and colourful aura. Rainbows, Noah's ark, Jesus, wonderful forests of mushrooms growing in all their beauty.
10:30pm. All of my thoughts and emotions are jumbled and confused. I would say 'splitting of the ego', but that is a level 4 characteristic, and I would not call this trip a level 4. I'm schitzoaffermic (not schitzophrenic) anyway.
11:00pm. An unfortunate occurance, Jordan's brother, the older Christian brother, decides to drop in. Everybody out. Party's over. I, still tripping, retreated to another friends house and waited there until I came down off this muddy, dirty high.
Overall, it was not a joyous experience, but it certainly beat the fuck out of sobriety.
Keep trippin, kids, peace.

-Ped #shroomery

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