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experiencing reality in a different way 1st time trip

My first time doing shrooms was an awesome experience.

My first time doing shrooms was an awesome experience. I'm not an experienced drug user (occasionally I smoke pot) but I was curious about shrooms since I have access to them..my brother in law grows them pretty successfully. My brother-in-law (D), his brother (E), my sister(M) and her boyfriend (J) and me decided to do them one friday night in late August. We made sure we ate some food beforehand and choose E's house in a small town to trip. I was a little nervous b/c I didn't know what to expect and I was nervous about getting sick b/c I have a sensitive stomach. I'm not sure what strain or how much we ate but it seemed like a lot, there was a pretty big pile laying there on the table. They took a good 1/2 hour to kick in and meanwhile we just sat outside talking over a couple of beers. It was a very quiet and peaceful night. Finally, they started to kick in slowly, I started to almost feel like I was buzzing on alcohol or that I was high...It was that kind of familiar physical relaxation feeling. I asked D if that was all there is and he said that they were just starting to kick in. Meanwhile people were constantly coming and going...friend's of E that I didn't know and I was getting a little nervous b/c D said that your first time should not be with people you didn't know. We just sat around talking some more and laughing and talking about crazy it would be if my other sister who is married to D found out that he grows shrooms and that we are all doing them right now. Finally after I don't know how long it took full effect. We were still outside and it was dark and the first time I noticed the visuals was when I looked across the street at another house and it looked as if it was from a cartoon. I couldn't believe how alien it looked. All the colors merged into one yet some borders were extremely enhanced. Then D and I went for a walk and M and J went for a walk. D and I walked down the street and it seemed to take forever. I was just looking around in this alien world, I couldn't believe how much beauty was in normal things. The town we were in was kind of run down but I remember thinking how beautiful and necessary it was and that the town isn't run down at all, its only when you compare it to a different town that it is. Meanwhile M and J took a stroll through a junkyard which could have been dangerous. It was weird b/c anytime I talked to a diffrent person I was in a completely new world focusing on them. We went back to the picnic table and we were all getting the laughs about the stupidist stuff. I came up w/ a theory that the old mario nintendo game had to have been invented when people were shrooming b/c of all the weird shit in the game and all the mushrooms and how funny it is that parents buy it for their kids w/o the slightest clue. Going inside for the first time was like a different world. The shrooms were in full effect now and I was starting to see the classic moving walls, everything was moving and was superluminous. The old, rundown house was awesome and I remember thinking how perfect it is for our experience. I then went into the bathroom for what seemed like hours. Again I was in a different world all by myself. The more I looked at the walls, the more they moved in perfect rythym w/ everything else in the world. I could feel thoughts entering my head and leaving again and the effects those thoughts had on my physical body. I thought about my girlfriend and our struggling relationship and immediately got depressed and that "sick" feeling in the pit of my stomach. I realized that this is the feeling I get every single time I think of my girlfriend and that I was unhappy with her. I finally left the bathroom and sat on the couch. We were talking some more. I grabbed some sports magazine that was glossy and I could not stop rubbing it w/ my hands. The sensation was unbelievable. E went to get some hand lotion and that combined w/ the magazine was orgasmic. I remember thinking how sex would be on shrooms. It was like I had to choose between the mental reality or the physical one. In other words, if I focused only on rubbing the magazine it was an unbelievable sensation but it was watered down if I started to think about anything else. Almost like focusness and attention are everything. Meanwhile if I closed my eyes I started thinking everything in the world makes sense. Finally it started to wear off and I was depressed. We all finally went to sleep and I woke up the next day tired but in awe of the experience. I'm guessing I was at about level three and it seemed like the strain of shroom we took was more physical and visual as opposed to mental. Good luck shroomin' everybody.

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