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Excuse me miss.....


Hey. Im a 14f from BC Canada. My first time I did shrooms was a rather.. odd experience, but one I would definatley want to do again.I dunno if it was really a level three but level 2 seemed to mild. It all started like this.... one night, when my friend C's mom was going out, C said that we could all come to his house, smoke some bud, drink, and do some shrooms or whatever we wanted. So earlier that day , around 5 or 6 pm me and about 6 friends went out in search of drugs. specifically:shrooms. Now this was the first time any of my female friends and I had done shrooms though our guy friends were all crackheads and permafried. In my small town it's not hard to find a fix of whatever your looking for. So anyway, we all went to this guys house, *might i mention it was pissing rain out* and bought some joints and some shroom cupcakes from his mom. They had I think a gram in each cupcake. Anyway only me and 2 other girls did shrooms that night, so we ate the cupcakes on the spot, at the guys house. My friend kept on trying to mooch cupcakes off of me but I was like man I wanna trip go to hell. I ate the cupcakes and I could taste the mush. It was all cold and slimy, pretty nasty.I could just imagine the taste without the chocolate cupcake. So anyway, we started going back to C's house but we ran into some friends along the way and smoked our joints and theirs with them. We were pretty baked... which I guess kinda altered my trip. By the time the shrooms started kickin in when we got back to C's house, i was already starting to burn out from the bud. It pissed me off because I was looking forward to a happy expeireince. i was pretty wrong. I was already feeling kinda pissy that night so I was hoping this would all cheer me up. Anyway the high hit me about half hour after I took them (time went SOOO slow) so i was sitting on the couch with my eyes close and all of a sudden I looked up at his squared tile ceiing and the tiles were all looking shattered and shit. i was like ooookey thats kinda weird. so anyway I was sitting there listening to the music and it was making my brain feel like it was throbbing. I couldnt concentrate on keeping a steady beat or what the words were saying.. I saw like weird things on the walls to. it was pretty scary because I didn't know what to expect. (sorry if this seems boring so far but it gets a little better)So my friend S was sitting there and looking at the farthest wall, it had a pool cue set thing on it and a rack to keep the balls . I started talking some shit about how it looked like a train track going through a window and I swear to god I actually believed it was true.. so we sat in this huge fluffy chair on wheels and just stared at the wall tripping out watching it like transform and shit. I also heard people talking but there wasn't anyone talking really so i was getting really confused at this point. so ya we're still sittin gon this chair and my friend is like WOah man it's like we're on an ocean and this just totally amazed me so Im like HEY if we row our boat it will take us to the tracks. SO we started to row.. with imaginary paddles. Just humoring ourselves u know, when all of a sudden C came up behind us silently and started pushing the chair across the room . We were freaked right out because we thought we were actually rowing the boat. we started yellin "HOLY SHIT WE"RE MOVING!" and everyone was laughing especially my friend AM she was lying on the floor with a native friend of our sitting on her chest smacking her across the face, talking in some chinese accent telling her time to pay for fries bitch. she was literally pissing herself. it was pretty funny. so we finally realised that HEY we're not moving so we got off the chair. i just sat down on the couch feeling like a big confused blob and I scared the shit out of myself looking in the mirror because I thought I saw a gypsy ( i was wearing a red bandana) and my friend kept on calling me a gypsy. For some god forsaken reason we left C's house to go back to AMs house to get some pizza. coz the stoned ones were harsh getting munchies. So we went on our way back to her house. I had like this sudden burst of energey and I sprinted all the way back to her house wich is like 1 km at least. When I was running it looked like one of those star trek shows or whatever when they are going light speed and everything looks like its whooshing by you, the cars were like melting as they sped by me. I was so tripped out at this point. Then the gayest possible thing happened. When we got back to Am's house MY DAD WAS THERE< in the garage with her dad. Luckily they were pretty drunk so they didn't notice that we were all pale and our eyes were messed up. SO we went inside and ordered some pizza and called our friend from Vancouver because she was supposed to come out that night. She eventually got here. We were sitting in the kitchen in the dark laughing over nothing and everyh couple minutes one of our dads would come in the house and light from the garage woudl whoosh into the room making it look like we were dying, "the light" u know? it was fricken crazy. at this time I was at the peak of my high, but i was feeling really lazy after that run plus i was burning out from the bud. I was starting to feel really angry like I wanted to kick someones ass. and I started to cry because I was seeing depressing things each time I closed my eyes. it was soo sad i was like all depressed for the rest of the night after that. I went into the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror, and it was all fuzzy and melting and my eyes were glowing/throbbing. i splashed water on my face and when I looked back in the mirror the water looked like rivers going down my face. I was getting really frustrated because I was trying to concentrate but I couldnt. After all bunches of bullshit happened i managed to get 5 more dollars off my dad and I went and bought a joint. So I smoked it up with a few people and we all went back to C's house waiting for some friends to show up. I sat there like a bump on a log just seeing weird things and I kept on thinking someone was at the window watching us. i was getting super paranoid at this point that his mom was gonna come home. My friend started to get really really horny and she was lying on the floor with this kid on top of her humping her just to make her frustrated. that kinda made me laugh but I was stillf eeling immensly angry, and I went downstairs to listen to some music. I turned on some DMX and I was listening and I remember getting SO pissed off because I thought it was some guy preaching to me about the bible and i screamed and ran upstairs. Anyway a nother bunch of bullshit happened, my friend ST was spazzing ou crying because she thought someone was trying to kill her and she was like clawing at me to save her so I got annoyed and went home and sat in my room dazed for the rest of the night. Right now a lot of my friends are scared to try shrooms again because my friends little brother who is like 11 or 12 took something like 5 grams of shrooms and so did about 10 other peeps and the little guy had the worst trip, he ahd to go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped and some tube shoved up his dink. He was freakin out foaming at the mouth, babbling his name over and over and just fallling around and flailing his arms around like he was possessed by the devil. he was also biting people and their boobs too. Everyone was crying because they were so scared he was going to die and he got some type of poisoning after that. But I don't really care because I wasn't there to see it so Im still gunna do shrooms again.
I was still worried about him though. Even though my story wasnt to great you can't blame me. Blame the weed that's in me right now!! If u haven't tried shrooms I highly reccomend it but DONT do 5 grams your first time like this kid did. or you could freak out and start biting people like a fool too!
first time I say try 1 gram or 2. Its kewl



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