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excellent 1st trip

well ok this is a pretty long story about what just happened last night, so if youre thinkin about shroomin up this could kinda help you decide wether to or not.

well ok this is a pretty long story about what just happened last night, so if youre thinkin about shroomin up this could kinda help you decide wether to or not. ok well just yesterday me and a friend got a hold of 1/8 bag of crushed up shrooms(because the kid smuggled them from washington). Me and my buddy had been thinkin about shrooms for a really long time, and i would regularly check out this site for new news and info so i could learn more. so later that night i had about 10 people over at my house just chillin, and me and my buddy decide that before we go out and cruise campus we should shroom up. so, taking one of my friend's advice of mixing the shrooms in hot water and drinking it, we spiced it up a bit with some tea to hide the flavor. we gulped it all down and i almost gagged just cuz one of the chunks felt weird in my throat. anyways, that part was over with and we decided to head out. i put 2 scooters in the back of my friend's car and 5 of us headed out to campustown. on the way there i felt really energetic and anxious.. kinda like i was on a sugar high. so we get to campustown and i get outa the car and i start to feel a little different like i was drunk. we got the scooters outa the trunk and me and my friend rode em around while the other 3 kids walked around behind us. my other friend who split the 1/8 with me was walking. after about 45 min from taking the shrooms, i started to feel just totally open and drunk-like.. i also started to notice that car lights were amazing and colorful like a spectrum or a rainbow. i was sweating and just bein crazy for like an hour while we walked around campus, and then we decided to leave. my friend who was trippin with me was riding in the trunk, and when we got out he said it was the greatest thing ever sitting in the dark. i was just staring at everything everywhere.. it seemed like there was just too much amazement everywhere and it was just way too cool. we got back to my house and my and my other friend who was trippin decided to go out to campus town again and walk around and meet people.. maybe even hit a party. so we park and get out and just walk around and we just stare at stuff and are just amazed by everything. the night was so clear and stary, and everything was just perfect. the colors of the cars and lights lighting up the streets were all just amazing and almost too beautiful. we walked around and a group of girls asked us to come over. they were like the hottest girls ever, but all we wanted to do was socialize. it was great. after about another hour of walkin around, we had to get back to get home before the 12:30 driving curfew came into effect. we get to my house at exactly 12:30 and we talk to people online on AIM n stuff for a while. for the rest of the night until like 3:30 am when we went to bed, we just rode scooters around town and chilled outside. takin those shrooms has totally enlightened my life, and i recommend that everyone experience it at least one time. i plan on doing it again sometime. some advice though, if youre gonna shroom, have something really fun planned that night. going into town with all those people on a busy friday night was so fun and exciting. i totally recommend doing as much as you can when youre shroomed up. also, the feeling you get isnt as much as a high like you get from pot, but its like a whole new state of mind... hard to explain, but youll understand when you (hopefully) try shrooms for yourself. any more questions or elaborations on my story, IM me on Zaltronn or talk to me on MSN (Zaltronn@hotmail.com)

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