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EVIL SUBWAY restaurant

this was my 2nd time to take shrooms.

this was my 2nd time to take shrooms.me and 3 other friends drove out to a field to pick some shrooms so me and my other friend decided to go ahead and eat them in the car on the way back i ate 3 nice sized shrooms and after about 20 minutes it hit me so hard. ive never laughed so hard in my life i was crying and falling over. my friend that was driving was hungry so we decided to stop at subway. when i got out of the car the mailbox was starting to lean over and bend. my trip had started so i walked inside and i was looking at the menu and it was the craziest thing i've ever seen. it was really bright and the words looked like they were falling off the menu. i then decided to sit down which was a bad idea because i looked at the tile on the floor and there was so many different patterns and i looked at my friends car and it started to melt and was getting smaller. Then 1 of the ladies that works there was starring at me giving me a bad look which caused me to be really paranoid so i walked outside and looked at my arm. my skin was melting and the hairs on my arm were moving and crawling around. i felt like i had been at subway for hours but was there for about 20 minutes. so now i was on my way to myfriends house and was sitting behind the driver looking at the back of his head. it looked like a monster trying to eat me so i just looked out the window and everything was shiny and colorful. the trees looked like they were dancing and thats when i started the questions like why am i here, who am i, where am i, and i became depressed for a little bit but i got to my friends house and layed down and everything was better. his floor looked like it was rising up and his ceiling fan looked like it was an animal . i just stared at his clock for 45 minutes telling everyone there that outside was the badplace and it wasnt a good idea to go outside or to subway. after about 3 hours of seeing all kinds of patterns and thing i could never imagine my trip was over. it was definitley badass and im gonna do it again soon

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