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Everything is my friend

Trying to recall the thoughts flying through my head around 5 when the trip really began.

Trying to recall the thoughts flying through my head around 5 when the trip really began. While in the midst of trying to walk Lauren to the bus stop I found myself hypnotized by the road and the now moving river of worm like strings. (i think i'm feeling something) Can't keep track of walking, my legs are their own being. Kaliedascope (sp?) of ranbow crystals in the snow. (where's mark? mark?) Jesse, Andy, other Mark and I begin on our way back to meet Marky and I simply can not stop smiling and giggling almost nervously. Once in the field of Louie Riel I spotted my lover and ran to him only to find he looked some what changed. His entire eyes had enlarged and were glowing cotton candy blue. His face had the green palour of a tree beast and his nose looked pinched pink. His flesh also had become translucent and I was able to see his muscle tissue aswell as circulatory system. (i'm seeing things) The five of us wandered about the feild and contemplated smoking some weed to calm us down. (i don't want to be calmed) Intense visuals proceded. The cement was amazing enough in it's swirling glory but the grass was something more. Uniform in pattern and color it seemed almost plastic and wonderful like the candy grass in Willi Wonka's chocolate factory. The piles of snow around us had formed intricate diamonds and gems in all colors of the rainbow and had me in awe. (i'm so happy) Passing by the large school was also quite surprizing. It seemed to bounce and jiggle almost as though it was giggling just as I was. (everything is my friend) Laughter would not stop and I was hysterical with it all. Pressing my body against a lamp post I declared that it would be my new friend and I felt a strong connection between the inatimate object. (it's so nice to be loved) I wanted to share my feeling with the rest of the group who seemed not as enthusiastic about the love in the world. Throwing my arms in the air and running about it felt as though joy was running through my veins. Though apparently the others did not share my enthusiasm for this area so we left and returned to Mark's house. On the way there I discovered that the grass had turned into small yellow and green nymph like people who were holding hands and dancing in celebration of us being there. (how absolutely wonderful everything is) We returned to the house and sat in Mark's room. Rolling and giggling on his bed confusion set in. Unable to distinguish the difference between my thoughts, my actions and the things I was seeing I tried to sort things out with words. However, speaking had become a confusing fumble and left me feeling disoriented even more. How many people were in the room? Were we once collective person and I was only imagining that we were seperate or did I exist at all? (i can't tell myself apart from the world) My consciousness was melting and becoming nothing more than vague questions and odd giggling. My memory elapses and more confusion followed. The rest of trip I became more and more confused by myself which resulted in tears and needing to be held.

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