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Everything and Nothing

Ok i am 15 years old and it was the weirdest thing ever how i got these but i'll get to the point.

Ok i am 15 years old and it was the weirdest thing ever how i got these but i'll get to the point. It was tuesday November 19th. i went to a friends house after school with 75 bucks i was just planning on getting a quarter and a eighth but then the kid said that he could get me an eighth of both so i said yeh. so i got them then another half hour i went hom and made pot cookies and then helped my dad move plywood then ate my shrooms then i went out side and smoked a bowl. i looked at the moon with my telescope and i saw all these fractials around and in it. i knew the trip was about to begin. it was cold so i went in the house. i then went upstairs and tured nirvana in i forgot to get music ready before the trip:( it was fine till the effects really started to kick in then it got to be to much so i sat in silence. i then had this urge that my room was killing me i felt alot of death and scary things in here. the trip after i came inside was horrible but i was just too scared to go outside because my parents were home. i knew i wouldn't get into trouble because my mom lets me smoke and all of that but i felt like i was doing something wrong i hate America's laws. then i just figured that i would be good if i stuck my head out of my window so i did that till i started to get tired so then i went and laid down on my bed then fell asleep or thought i did i then went on a total mind trip i though about everything and i thought i knew how everything worked you know what i mean. i remember at some point i was looking in at the mirror and i have these girls pictures on there and it was weird because her face would switch from a smile to a frown and it did that over and over till i quit looking at her i didn't have a real bad mind trip when i looked at myself but i noticed i had more acne but fuck it. then i sat down and thought i should read some of my shakespear book i managed to get the book out of my bookbag but i never did open it and when i was on the floor i noticed my speaker wire thats on my floor was swimming like snakes. then i was really tired for a while and i would feel like i jus woke from a long nap. then i got reallllly hungry so i went downstairs and made a bowl of cereal and a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich as i was eating it i noticed all of the wood cupboards were flowing and moving around it looked like there was electricty flowing through it. i ate that then went to bed for the night. this trip wasn't as spirutal as i wanted it to be so next time i am going to fast that day and make sure my system is clean and drink alot of water i want to make next time great. but at one point i thought i was going to die and god and i was talking and i had to trust him before i die but that kinda of a haze. well there is my first trip report i hope you enjoyed if you want to contact me and tell me what you think you can reach me at clear_blue_water420@hotmail.com

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