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Ahhh, magic.

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A friend had grown a ton of PES Hawaiian P. Cubensis mushrooms while i was out of town. he had just about an eighth left when i got back, which he gave me free of charge. My first trip. i was so excited, i couldn't think about anything else until i finally ate the mushrooms a week and a half later.

I drove to a friends Apartment, where there were a bunch of my friends, filled a 44 ounce glass with water, and sat down to chew some dried mushrooms and wash them down with water. They didn't taste bad at all. they didn't really taste like anything, and i chewed them up pretty good. I had them stuck in my teeth the whole time i was tripping.

It was magical. I didn't even mind that we were watching American History X..not that i was able to pay attention to it. I was too busy watching little orange lines shoot up and down my arms and hands. there was a big multi-colored blanket in the corner of the living room where i was sitting that kept swelling and glowing and changing and playing this strange magical music that just made me think of off-colored forests with giant mushrooms and cotton snowing from the skies. Elves and dwarves and rain and oranges. This is right about the time i starting thinking "My god, what have i done to myself? i'll never be the same!"

My teeth started to float around my mouth. like they were filled with air and my mouth was full of water. It was driving me insane, and i couldn't seem to convince myself, that just because it felt that way, it was not neccessarily that way. I made a couple trips to the bathroom to make sure my teeth were still where they should be. the last time i went back to the couch, my body went numb and i started to feel a kind of euphoria, like being so terrified that my brain just decided that all i could do with the fear is turn it into joy.

I went outside, because i was freaking out on the couch, and i wanted to smoke a cigarette. I can't even begin to describe how bright the colors were. they were so bright that yellows became oranges. blue became, well, blue. but really bright. And the grass was probably one of the most magical things i saw that day. The colors and the sights and the body high were so much sensory input i just wanted to cry from overload from all of it. But not in a bad way. I was happy and content and excited and confused and i was now frying balls.

Back inside, to where other people are (being alone in an apartment complex's parking lot while shrooming is kind of scary). We pass a bong around a few times, and while we're doing that, people come and go from the apartment. Every time some one leaves, it's like the space they filled is now totally empty, almost evil. I remember shouting at some one to sit the fuck down because they just changed the whole room.

I heard the magical music the whole afternoon, and all night, even driving home, until i slept. i've since fried a few times, but each time fails to be as intense and as special as the first time. I still feel a special bond with all the people that were there when i ate mushrooms, like i'll never be able to dislike any of them.

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