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eucalypta dreams

I had tried these mushrooms some ten years ago while at university in the ACT.

I had tried these mushrooms some ten years ago while at university in the ACT. On the odd quiet day we would head to the botanical gardens - an amazing place in itself displaying a diverse spectrum of australian plants. Thus it had a few excellent patches of mushrooms growing on woodchips fed by misty sprinklers. We would just eat them right there, little ones bobbing up and full of alkaloids. We had really great trips from them and I had always wanted to go back and experience them again.

I came back to the ACT from overseas and one morning took my girlfriend to the botanicaql gardens. I remembered the spot and sure enough it was the right time of year late autumn and there were plenty around, different clusters or solitary silky godesses poking up to say hello. As usual I still ahd to really look around to first find them and then suddenly they appear to be everywhere. I must note I have since researched what shrooms they are and believe they are psilocybin eucalypta and that they contain high ammounts of active alkaloids and also when the shrooms are young. I ate about 15 small fresh, young and juicy specimens and continued my walk around the gardenw with my girlfriend. We lay down on a lawn not far away underneath eucalyptus trees and crackling rosellas and soon the trip started coming on. Not rapid and intense but a general slow searing into oblivion catalytzed by a meandering walk through engaging scenery. Being a weekday there were only a handfull of retirees in the park and us. I started to ficus much more intensely on the plants around me. Every shrub and flower had significance. I had to watch every insect climbing around, every bee climibing in and out of gigantic bottle brush flowers. The birds snatching the insects. a living green city. Sweaty palms, energetic and weak at the same time...grinning happily, madly ... Im floating away... shades of furry grey leaves with peacock blue jewels, a desert grass tusks its beat through the rocks... theres a shirt on the run...

several hours passed with an almost overload of nature, a lunch in there somewhere tripping with the old really nice old retirees haging out. What a cool place I thought. You can come and see awesome plants and landscape, munch on a few of the worlds best psychedlic mushrooms and enjoy the day!


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