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Around 8:20 p.

Around 8:20 p.m., I put my dried mushrooms on a scale and weighed 1.5 grams. I then put them into a coffee grinder and grinded them up into a fine powder and put them into gel caps. I took all of the caps and then waited for them to take affect. After about an hour,
I was getting this wierd stoned feeling in the front of my head. Lights had wierd auras around them and I felt an inner peace within
myself. After 2 hours had passed, I didn't get any extreme hallucinations so I took another gram. I went into a dark room and listened to a cd called euphoria 4. As the music played, I saw snakes coming from underneath the door. I closed my eyes and I saw
a pyramid and I saw a jungle overlooking it. I opened my eyes again and I kept seeing more snakes. I got this feeling as I was listening to the music and the next time I closed my eyes, I saw aztec styled art and I let it engulf me. It was a great feeling as if I could let go of everything else and be in a totally different place. I saw neon pink, green, and orange wheels turning with faces all smiling at me. The faces then turned into evil sadistic faces and they all had their features warped: their kind eyes became enlarged, their noses became twisted, and their smiles became gaping mouths full of sharp teeth. This scared me and all of a sudden, I felt a horrible feeling and so then I immediatly opened my eyes. My watch had such a weird green glow to it and so I focused on it for a while. The hour markers re-arranged themselves so that it formed a smile. I smiled back at it and then its smiled warped and changed into a horrific mouth with sharp pointy teeth. I took my eyes off of my watch and by that time, the cd was over so I left the dark room. The rest of the night, I didn't see any visuals, but I felt very good emotionally and enlightened. A little later, I listened to some weird laser-sounding music and I closed my eyes and right before me was obi won fighting vader in a lightsaber duel. That was interesting. A little later, I got a mild heartburn and some stomach cramps so I smoked some mary jane and I felt better. Overall the experience was well worth it, I feel as if an emotional cloud has been lifted over me, and I see things through different eyes.

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