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Electric 3D Tripping!

Hey my name is mic and i have done shrooms about 4 or 5 times, this is my report of the 4th time.

Hey my name is mic and i have done shrooms about 4 or 5 times, this is my report of the 4th time.

Me and my friends (Jo, Jo, Dave and Tess) had bought a few boxes of colombian cubensis from a shop in london.

Me and jo had 45 grams (fresh) and the rest of us had about 22.
We made them into a fruity tea, downed the glass and went outside to smoke a ciggarette.

We all took a hit of poppers (amyl nitrate) which usually brings us up quite well!) and as i looked at my smoke it seemed to grow longer, and the smoke felt so good going in and then out again. I looked up at a tree and a black cloud that had been in my last few trips appeared as i was familiar with this cloud it didnt scare me too much!
"IM COMIN UP KIDS!" I giggled
"im coming up but i feel ill" said jo. we decided to go inside and lay down. we put on our trippin cd and listened to the music. i felt the music and a real connection with everyone and everything. as i looked at my friends electric blue bolts shot up and down them, as if they were being filled with energy.

Then i hit my peak, during which a plant in jo's room seemed to be more than 3D, it was something special.
Green day - Hitchin a Ride came on the cd, we all screamed the lyrics and sniffed poppers, and drew the music on a piece of paper. the colours we used seemed to blend into each other, like a fuckin amazing rainbow of music.
Everytime someone left the room, it felt cold, but when they came back the room was warmed again, and the "electricity" seemed to flow once again!
As we turned the music off i started to see swirly patterns in my head, and everytime i touched myself i felt wet, and itchy ( a symptom i usually get with every doses)

Besides that the trip was awesome. i strongly reccommed doing poppers on shrooms about ten minutes after ingestion because they bring you up very strong!

Peace Out, Trip Out, Rock out!

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