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Echoing Thoughts

It all started when I came home for vacation.

It all started when I came home for vacation. A couple days after arriving I meet up with a friend of mine. He's always got Acid so I was hoping he would be able to get shrooms. As it turns out a friend of ours had 2 1/8's left (he was home from school also) We decided to go to this small lake in our town. We ate the mushrooms there and the effects were pretty slow at coming on so we left to see some friends. After about 2 hours we got bored and went home.

The drive home is were it all started. Suddenly the road was alive with cats. At first a couple cats started running acrost the street then floods of cats were pouring into the road and bouncing off the car as we ran them over. My friend couldn't see them so he didn't know what I was laughing at. When we got back to his house we decided to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. That movie is awsome to watch while on drugs.(until the end, then it gets really bothersome) The movie seemed to last for hours, all the way through I was laughing so hard I could hardly hold my self up.

Suddenly I was aware that I had to take a leak. Normally this isn't a big deal. But this time when I stood up I didn't know what to do next. My friend was laying on the ground and seemed there was no way of stepping over him. Climbing Mt. Everest seemed like an easier task. Finally after what seemed like about an hour I made it over him. His little brothers were out in the hall and they were saying something but I didn't want to pay attention. Everything in the bathroom was moving. The clock on the wall was turning into different shapes and the hands were bouncing all over the place. I just stood there and stared at all the cool things happening around me.

I got the bright idea to look in the mirror. Big mistake, I could see every tiny imperfection on my face. Everything seemed to be magnified like I could see straight down into my pores.

When I made it back to the room the movie was STILL playing. The next hour was a real blur. My friend fell asleep so my brother and I left, luckily he wasn't on anything or else I don't think we would have made it home. My parents were home so we took as long as possible getting home, hoping I would sober up a little. We stopped at the gas station and the man next to us was washing his windows. Everytime I looked at him he was staring at me and his face was all distorted. His eyes kept bulging out, like in Soundgarden's video "Black Hole Sun"

We finally decided to just go home and hope that I could carry on a some-what ordinary conversation with my parents. Once I got home I went straight for the bathroom to get ready for bed. But it wasn't that easy, Once I got in there I had no idea what I was doing. Even my everday routine of wash my face, brush my teeth, etc was confusing. I ended up just standing there for what seemed like an hour (probably only 30 min)

My Mom was waiting in my brothers room to talk to me before I fell asleep. It was dark in his room and all the visuals I was expecting suddenly came about then. I was trying to talk to my Mom when my brothers glow in the dark stars started rearranging themsleves and lights were strobing all over the room. I decided I would just concentrate on my Mom but that didn't even work. The bed spread she was laying on started morphing into a face. Finally I just closed my eyes and told my mom I was really tired. She then left to go to sleep herself.

Once I closed my eyes to sleep I found the guys from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas waiting for me in a strange place. They were saying all sorts of stuff to me before I realized that this isn't real. When I opened my eyes to see the real world, I didn't recognize it. Everything had changed. I figured I liked the closed eye world better so I went back to it. Then I started fealing sick so I went to the bathroom. I knew I couldn't throw up because my parents would wonder what was wrong. I was just sitting there when my boxers started to glow, suddenly they had hundreds of colors and were flowing like a river. I also noticed my hamper doing a dance. It was moving in a wave like motion from side to side. After realizing that the pain in my stomach wasn't going to get any better or worse I went back to bed.

For the next couple of hours every thought seemed to echo from the front to the back of my head. I must have had 5 different thoughts going on at the same time with out any confusion. I found I could think about every thought individualy but at the same time. I don't remember falling asleep but the next morning I woke up refreshed and wanting to do shrooms again.

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