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Echoes of Laughter

I was 16, 180lbs, and this was probably the 3rd and most powerful trip I ever experienced.

I was 16, 180lbs, and this was probably the 3rd and most powerful trip I ever experienced.

So it's the last day of Freshman year of highschool. I had been planning this day for weeks. I was to bring a quarter of dried cubensis to school and trip with a friend after school was out. It would have been her first time, but at the last minute she chickens out. I respected her choice though, so I said no big deal and went on with my plans.

At the time I wasn't feeling very generous or something because I remember walking with two other friends, but consuming the bag alone. As we walked off school grounds I started munchin away at the bag picking out only the finest of caps and leaving the whimps for another trip. I ended up eating around 4.g's as we walked. Quickly after doing so I arranged for us to head to another friends in order for me to have a safe haven to trip out.

(Ok now it gets less boreing)

As we neared the apartment we crossed through a field and at this point my field of vision expanded by what seemed like a fourth, instantly. The happy tingle rushed over my body in a wave of anticipation. "I think I'm feelin' it" I said as I proceeded to describe the impossible. Then just before leaving the field we came across a snake, and of course my friends decided to take this lil' fellow with.

So we get into the apartment, greeted by my friend and his unexpected 3 friends. This was about to get ugly. Here I was singled out as the guy tripping and I was on display for all the stoned on lookers. Things started off pretty good though, I began an intense array of sensations. I went onto the balcony at this point, talking with a friend. We stood and watched the others toss the snake in the field. My field of view once again shifted, I began seeing my friends on what seemed to be a monitor. The sight tickled me. Here my friends were in the middle of a field tossing the snake into a tree. I laughed for ever.

Later on every one settled down on the balcony, just as I was truly begining the ride. We talked about the only subject at hand, me tripping, mushrooms, etc... I was on display I felt so self conscious. At this point I looked to my friend, who now strangely resembling an old man. Every feature of his face was pronounced. I began seeing hundreds of wrinckles and flaws. My vision had become 20/20 (I normaly wear glasses). With every thing he said his lips wiggled his eyes bulged.

Just about this time one of the ass holes decided it would be funny to destroy my bliss. He began thrusting objects towards me in hopes of "tripping me out". I repeatedly told the ass he was only making me uncomfortable.

After this dispute came to an end we went inside to watch TV. I had no chance of such though. I paced back and forth examining the aztec textures projected across every possible surface. My friends dog appeared as colorful as a christmas tree. Every shimmer of his fur glimmered in a differen't color. I began loosing my stability. I looked up at my surroundings only to find that a face on TV was comeing out. I stood back in awe and overwhelment I had never had an actual 3D distortion of any flat surface. The mans face was not altered at all. It just stretched from the tube and floated gently around the screen.

This was too much for me. I asked for complete seclusion on the balcony as I gathered my wits. I layed myself down on a little couch outside. At this point I repeated thoughts of death to myself. Eventually coming to the conclusion that if I were to die I would die enjoying it. So I relaxedm closed my eyes, and let my senses absorb.

I could hear every breeze, every bird, and the sound of the TV was echoeing from inside. Not only that but there was an ambient noise of laughter in the air. My mind drifted through a stream of thoughts. Each thought hit me syncronized with the flowing pattern on the inside of my eye lids. I continued to drift down a yellow tunnel for about half an hour. Before comeing down.

I just felt like I should post this for people like me. People who are often threatened by the thought of a bad trip. Just know that sometimes the worst of trips can become the best of experiences. Just go with the flow.

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