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eating worms



last friday i went shrooming with a friend. i usually find it really easy to find about 50 shrooms, but i think someone beat me to them this time. after about 45minutes of searching i found about 7-8 pretty old dried up yucky looking shrooms. but it was the best i could do.

driving back to my friends house (Bianca's) we bought some water so that i could break of peices and swallow them like pills. it was quite effective but the breaking of the shrooms was quite disgusting coz they had white worms wriggling around inside them.... i was pretty keen to trip so i ate them anyway.

when i got back to Bianca's house i had about 3 left to eat.... i got some vegemite (an Australian spread) and put it on toast.... it masked to taste very well. Vegemite is good.

by the time i had finished eating all the shrooms i was feeling very laughy and fun.

we went into Bianca's brothers room and i looked up on to the roof and there was all this black stuff. after a couple of seconds of looking at the black stuff on the roof i started to hallucinate.... i saw 3 people dancing to the music i was listening to. it looked pretty good.

me and Bianca then went into the lounge room and were just talking and stuff. by this time i was starting to trip alot and the whole room was alive with movement.

there was a photo/painting in the lounge of a lady.... and when i looked at it she was winking at me and dancing to the music i was listening to. (Adam F).

and for some reason i kept on seeing eyes.... eyes everywhere.

then Bianca's friend came over and i think she thought i was the strangest guy she has ever met. i was talking about the weirdest stuff and tripping out so bad.

most of the time the tripping wasn't that bad.... but there were some stages where i felt like i was going to die.... and there was another time where i thought that my heart had stopped beating. i was pretty scared sometimes.

i was too scared to go to the toilet because i was convinced that i would miss if i went. and when i eventually went... i think i did miss.

a lot of other stuff happened but i can't remember right now.

on the whole... the peak of the trip wasn't that good... but the best part of it was comming down. that was when i could control my emotions once again and i wasn't worried that i would die.

i was thinking that i was never going to have shrooms again, but i think i will.

seeya guys

if Bianca wasn't with me i think i would have killed myself.

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