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this was such a good trip this one was one of my favorittes bc it was so fucking intense.

this was such a good trip this one was one of my favorittes bc it was so fucking intense. i had an eith to myself. there was me and some of my bestfriends and we ate them at 8:30 pm and 3 other girls we were with didnt eat them till 9:00 pm and me and 2 other friends had walked to kliens a block away it took us forever i felt soo happy and soo energetic then we got to kliens we sat at the bench and was getting mad bc it wasnt hiting me yet it had been 30 mins. and it hit my ther friends and they were trippin out then i was like fuck then i looked into the feild by kliens and i was like HOLY FUCK i couldnt believe my eyes it was soo amazing everything was sooo weird it looked like it was melting...and shit it was sooo awesome...then we went to go sit on the hill by the field and our other friend that was on mush too came to meet us and we were all trippin out on everything then all of a sudden the other girls that we with before had gotten their mush and came too chill and we were all soo fucked up..we diecided we were thirsty so we went to te store and when i looked in the store i just said i couldnt do i everything inside the store was soo fucked everything was moving...so after the girls went in and got the drink we decided to peace out of there and goo smoke a bowl then we were ging to go see some guys at balfour to chill but then when we gt t the car we had the bowl..and we drove around it was soo fucking intense it was crazy i couldnt stop laughing guy everything was soo werid looking...then we parked some place and we had a couple hoots of cherry oil and i was defently extremly fucked i couldnt stop laughing i mean i was laughing soo hard i couldnt even breath i thought i was going to die from laughter.then we started driving again and when we were drivng me and my 2 bros that ate the mush first just hitt our peak of everyting and OMG it was fucking insane there was jsut mad colours and swirls everywhere it was soo deadly. then we ended up in eastview....at this cracked out party and we were soo fucking scared we didnt knwo what too doo like there was soo muc people there and like some people were sniffing coke and shit(i dont do those kind of drugs) and i was soo scared i wanted to cry....then he girsl that drove us there wanted to stay but we had to go home...so they ditched us in eastview....on mushrooms...2:00 in the morning...no money....and our cell phone had half a bar left on it...and we were at least 20 blocks away from home...so we tried calling one of my bros that live in eastview but he was still out partying..so we went to this school(halltaine) to goo pee bc we didnt peee for like ever..then we tried callig my bro back but no one would answer...so we my bro called her sister to try ad help us and they got in such a big fight over the phone....then we got a cab back to her hosue and her sister and her dad had family problems then her dad said we couldnt sleep there and she couldnt sleep at anyones hosue..and we couldnt go back to my house bc it was like 3:00 in the morning my mom would shit a brick...soo we called one of my bestfriends and sked her if we could crasshhh at her hosue...and she said yes and she lived all the way by hawrylak and we were by balfour and it was sooo far soo we got money from my bros dad and took a cab to her house when we got to her house we were still trippin out over everything and we were trying to eat carrots and we couldnt we kept dropping them all over...it was about 4:00 in the morning when we finally went to sleep....next day soo hargard...all i have to say is best night of my life:)

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