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Easter 2002

Ughm, like all other trip reports i'll try to remember this as clearly as possible.

Ughm, like all other trip reports i'll try to remember this as clearly as possible. It acutally happens in three different parts: my trip, my friends trip and my other friends trip. We'll call the friend that I dosed with A and the friend that dosed later Z.

Okay, so I phoned up A at 2:30ish and made my way to his house. I ingested 2.5G of Malabar (homegrown) in Tea and he dosed 3.0G of Gulf Coast (homegrown) in Tea. We then went out to skateboard for a little bit. We were at the park right by our highschool and within 15 minutes I had a heavy gut feeling and A said it was coming. We skated a little, I was supried I could acutally stomp some kickflips at this point, but soon enough it overpowered me and I just had to sit down and look around at nature. Soon enough, we left to go back to A's house and on the way I could really feel it coming on strong. I immediatly sat down on his couch and curled up into a little ball. We put on a burnt CD, "Mush Mix", and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the peak. It was very intense, and the whole time I didn't feel that good. I was extreamly hot and didn't feel like moving at all. The only major visual I had was watching his mixed wooden wall swirl around a lot. I could acutally see people dancing and shit in there. Soon enough, the peak was over and I sat there comatose for a while. We played some games and had some more fun.

Now, this is where my friend trip kicked in perhaps 3.5 - 4 hours after dosing (I dont know why this could happen and if anybody knows please PM me on the message board). We were playing his PS2, he was trying to roll a doobie, an we just decided to pipe it because neither of us could roll at the time. He packed a bowl and gave him my lighter. He looked at it, chuck it across the room, and said "It's got a fucking safty on it". We laughed, and then we had to go look for the lighter. I ended up putting on snow boarding boots and skateboarding and he ended up stabbing a cusion, then asked me to try, we just tore this cusion apart. Now, we finally went outside to smoke but my lighter had broken. He went inside to get a Zippo but it didn't have fluid so we both went back inside to fill it. A little reminded here, I wasn't tripping much anymore just a mild "funny" buzz. I was told later that he was really fucked up. We ended up just smoking it in his room. It was really chilling because I had snowboard boots on and a boxing glove on one hand and hitting the pipe with the other and sitting cross legged playing barrel of monkies smoking a pipe.

Okay, so my friend has this "room upon a room" and we went back there. His mom ended up coming into his room and yelling at his for smoking weed inside. She pretty much flipped, telling him it was the only thing she asked and he can't even fucking do it. "I should phoned the cops and get you kicked out of here" she said. That scared me because I still had 10G of mushroom on my but my friend was just laughing (fucked up). Somehow, we ened up leaving his house and meeting friend Z to eat some shrooms.

He ate about two grams of Gulf Coasts (homegrown). We walked around and ended up a good 1/2 hour from where we started. Now, Z really kicked in and ended up passing out over a bar and smoking his chin. Then we sat him down and he puked multiple times. My other friend, A, was a little worried about possibly getting kicked out of his house but we ened up coming back here to watch Alien Workshop - Timecode and CKY3K. Then they left and I wrote this:


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