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aerosmith in ny

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Ive done shrooms before and had fun each time. Tonight my friend got some tickets to see Aerosmith (Jones Beach - Long island NY). So I came with him. I dont know why since i dont even like them but whatever. We had an 8th and we split it, i had more since he never did them before. We put them into some turkey & swiss sandwitches and just ate em up. So were there hanging out in the parking lot drinking some beers, and i start to feel it. the fronts of cars and the headlights start looking all wierd and shit i knew i was buggin out. (they were some ill ass shrooms). so anyway then i look at the stadium and that shit was moving. it was like sitting there but it kept getting a tiny bit bigger and then a tiny bit smaller. it was wierd. We were with his sister and some of her friends so we had to keep straight and not laugh or anything and that shit was hard. We skipped the opening bands...and walk in. People all over damn i was trippin mad hard. Every fuckin person looked familiar. A lot of older ladies there lookin real good and shit. Our seats sucked but we were all the way on top so we got to see everyone it was wierd seeing everyone buggin out and all the lights and shit...i didnt even listen to the music i was just sitting there enjoying the view. We left like 45 minutes into the set and just went walking around the stadium and the parking lot and shit it was fuckin fun. Honestly i usually tell people not to trip in public places so you dont get in trouble but fuck it as long as you can mantain and just have a good time - public places are more fun!!! Just had an ill night had to share. Anyone want to write to me, throw me an email at candiria22@aol.com
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