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Early Morning Golf

So I went golfing.

So I went golfing...My friend B arrived at my house just before 6am and we we're off to the course. It's like a 15 minute drive from my house and so along the way I had a fatty stem of cubensis weighing roughly 2.5 grams. I cracked open my Coca-Cola and began munching away during the drive. We smoked a bowl or to during the latter part of the drice and promptly arrived at the course where we met our friend C. We hop into his car and smoke a few more bowls. I begin to feel a bit uncoordinated and paranoid as we walk to the clubhouse. It's a 5 minute walk or so and along the way I tell myself to just ignore other people as my pupils are already huge. My two friends, just smoking, decide to both go into the clubhouse and I wisely stayed outside with our clubs. It took them a few minutes B4 they came out and I felt like the wait was never gonna end.
We get to the 1st tee and the group ahead of us will finish the hole (par3 course) in between 5-10 minutes. We begin warming up taking practice swings and stretching and although I wasn't laughing, I thought the entire process was hysterically amusing. So B tees off, followed by C, and then it's my turn. You know how some ppl can bend metal, well during my backswing as I stopped the club above my head to bring it back down, at that very point the club felt like it turned to liquid and I truly believed this was happening like it was gonna go all the way around and end up hitting me in the nuts. It was too trippy. I tried to ignore it and when I took my first real swing, I completely whiffed it!!! Oh shit I thought, that must look bad. My friends we're visibally trying not to laugh too hard at me. My next swing I launched the ball straight down the center of the fairway. Unfortunately, the ball had the biggest slice I have ever seen on it and actually went over the fence and into the driving range. Hitting a ball into the driving range on purpose is a pretty tough task and so I just had to laugh. Much to my friends' enjoyment. I think I got on the green in 4 and 3 putted. I didn't care at that point because this was just a half hour after ingestion & I had not planned on a Lev3, more like a mild Lev2. I knew I would just end up walking the course until I could regain my composure but I tried to tee off on the second tee anyway. There is a lake like 90 degrees to the right of this tee and to hit a ball into that lake implies; you suck at golfing. For some reason, I knew I would hit my ball over there and lo and behold, it happenned. Shit. This can't happen twice I thought but Alas!, it did. Holy Shit. I threw in the towel and just enjoyed the day. Whilst on the first few greens around 6:30 -7am, there were completely littered with dew glistening in the sunlight. Every color imaginable glittered everywhere as the exact contours of the greens were revealed. I could tell exactly what neede to be done to get the ball in the hole. It was amazing. Of course due to a complete lack of physical capacity, balancing became tough, I could only watch my friends misread their puts and then cuss which highly amused me. 3rd tee. There is a drinking fountain here so we smoke a couple quick bowls and have our fill of water. They begin explaining to me this cool idea of me running to the green and stand in the middle of it while they hit their shots. I could not understand what they meant but since they were so intent on this, I complied. So I am standing in the middle of the green about 120 yards from the tee and watch B tee off. I see the ball launch up from the ground but instantly lose it. Oh shit! I am standing in the middle of the green and a ball is gonna land very near. From the initial projection of the ball, I was pretty sure it would not hit me, but it'd be close. I am just standing waiting for the ball to land, (not looking into the sky anymore of course) when eternity passed me by (maybe 4-7 secs) and all of a sudden periphally the ball lands about 15 ft. away from me with a heavy THUD! Holy shit that was so cool. Complete silence then all of a sudden I hear the ball splitting the air on its decent and boom, it was the sound of the ball hitting the green, not my head. I begin laughing and saying things like no way and start yelling to my friends how fuckin cool that was. B likes what he hears and runs down to join me while C hits his shot. I have done this sober (not mushrooms I mean) and it is still a way cool Jr. experience. C launches his shot and both of us were able to follow its entire path to impact upon the green. That arch and the noise made by the ball while hurtling through the air was so beautiful I can't explain. Glad you understand:) so eventually by the back 9 I had regained my composure and was hitting sic ass shots unlike I had ever done previously. During my peak and up to that point it was a still & silent morning and very beautiful with the sun illuminating all the trees and stuff you'd normally find on a golf course. Of course the visuals were not overpowering but just perfect for not feeling disapointed. How am I gonna explain how cool it was being in the middle of a golf course on shrooms. Too beautiful.

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