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Dried out my tear ducts

My boyfriend at the time had already eaten mushrooms once before, but I never had.

My boyfriend at the time had already eaten mushrooms once before, but I never had. I really wanted to try them, so he finally found someone who could get them and we got them. They were light tan in color with gold flakes on them (I thought the gold flakes were kinda odd and actually found this site by trying to find out what they were; now I know). They were dried and filled a whole standard sandwich size ziploc bag. We were at college and decided to do it that night in his dorm room. At around 11pm we each ate half of the bag. I was probably 220lbs and he was probably about 250lbs. I'm 5'6" and he's 5'9". I was 18 and he was 19. They didn't taste funny or anything, just like regular mushrooms, but dry, I thought.
For the first hour I didn't notice anything, we just kinda sat around in the common room of his dorm waiting for them to kick in. Then I started noticing spots of all different colors on the white walls of the room. After a few minutes (relatively) of this (I'm not sure what my boyfriend was experiencing), he suggested we go in his room and have a cigarette. We went in and he turned on the blacklight instead of the regular light. I went to light my cigarette, but I noticed "hieroglyphs" all over the white part of the cigarette. (Sober, I looked at my cigarettes under the blacklight, and markings do appear on them, from the oils in the tobacco I think.) For a good long while, I stared at my cigarette, interpreting the "hieroglyphs" for my boyfriend. My interpretation went somewhere along the lines that these were the long lost accounts of the frog people of somewhere or another, this gathered from me repeatedly seeing frog-shaped hieroglyphs swim through the other characters, disrupting my translations.
At some point, my discovery was interrupted by the phone ringing. (I never did smoke my cigarette that nite.) Unfortunately, this is where the night went sour. It was my roomate, I later discovered, but at the moment she was prank phone calling me, knowing that I had done shrooms. In the first call she lowered her voice to a creepy whisper and asked "What are you wearing?" I told the whisperer what I was wearing and they responded with, "Take it off...I can see you..." I was totally creeped out and hung up the phone. The second time she called with clips of Miss Cleo from some website, which freaked me out no less than the first time. A few minutes after that call, she came to the door and revealed it was her which made me feel a little better, but I was still pretty freaked out.
Then the three of us went across the hall to our other friend's room. So now there was me, my boyfriend, my roomate, the girl whose room it was, and another guy friend of ours. The other three did a couple rounds of bong hits, but my boyfriend and I just hung out with them. I was starting to feel good again, when I looked at our other guy friend there and his face was all messed up, like a picasso. And we all hung out a lot, so it really freaked me out. So I had to walk over and touch his face, and it felt fine, but it still looked like lopsided mush. So I go and sit back down, but I can't stop staring at him. My roomate then says offhandedly, "Oh, , you're so crazy!" And I'm like "I am?" And she just laughs. So I look at my boyfriend and ask "Am I?" He just smiles and shakes his head.
But now I feel like everyone knows something that I don't and maybe I really am crazy. And apparently, I kept saying aloud to myself, "I'm crazy? I'm crazy. I'm crazy? I'm crazy..." So my boyfriend recognized that something was going wrong, so he said we should probably go get to sleep or something like that and we went back to his room. We just layed in his bed together and he tried to console me and reassure me that I wasn't crazy. Unfortunately, at the time, his roomate and his roomate's girlfriend were having an argument in the next room. Her voice wasn't that loud, but I kept hearing his yelling and it was reverberating in my head, like that's where it was coming from. I percieved that he was yelling at me because I was crazy and he didn't want me there. My boyfriend tried to explain to me what was going on, but it didn't make sense to me.
Simultaneously, there were loud drunken kids in the quad and that noise too was echoing around my head, sounding like my head was its source. And I was also remembering the Miss Cleo clips and those were reverberating around my head too, but those were actually coming from my head. My eyes were open too and it seemed like the lights were going on and off. No matter how much my boyfriend tried to reassure me that everything was fine I didn't get it. And he got so frustrated that he said something like "Everything's wrong. I don't know how to fix it." Which totally set me off again blaming myself for ruining everything. He told me to just shut my eyes and my ears and went into another room. I shut my eyes, but the I couldn't stop this sounds and with the sounds now came an overwhelming feeling of being hated.
I felt like I was surrounded by hate and it enveloped me like a baby in a womb, but it was crushing me, suffocating me, instead of nourishing me. And I started crying. I was crying for a good long time, my face in the pillow, my eyes shut, the noises relentless in my head. My boyfriend came back to check on me a few times. One time he came and told me that everything was fine. The noise stopped. And in my mind's eye I saw a small mound of dirt in the middle of a pool of water underground in a cave. In the middle of the mound was a beautiful flower and it was just starting to bloom. I stopped crying. Then all the noise came back and the flower rapidly bloomed, died, and withered to nothing, and I erupted into sobs again. I cried like this till sunrise, but at some point I began dry-crying (like dry-heaving) because I had no tears left. Finally my boyfriend rolled me on my side and pleaded with me to stop, that everything was fine, to please open my eyes.
So I opened my eyes. I was facing the window and I saw the sunrise. The colors were amazing, the reddest red I'd ever seen was blazing across the sky. And I stopped crying and I told him that I was fine. He climbed into his bed and I went out into the common room and lay down on the couch. It was now around 6:30am. There was this Lord of the Rings poster on the door, with a picture border in the poster with lots of little pictures of the characters and whatnot. So I watched them moved around within their border until I finally fell asleep.
I haven't used mushrooms since, but I think I could have had a much better experience in a better environment.

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