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Dreaming in the Withywindle (2nd time tripping)

First off as a side note, I am also the author of the trip report The Belt of Orion(rather long) found in the level 1 trip reports.

First off as a side note, I am also the author of the trip report The Belt of Orion(rather long) found in the level 1 trip reports.

Spring is in the air again. I had quit my drinking sometime a go in February over getting mild alcohol poisoning. I've been smoking quite a bit of the weed. However, I am a man that knows what he likes. Weed is not that. I have been yearning to get those delactable magical mushrooms again. They're so damn hard to find though. I waited patiently for many months until as luck would have it on a great late April Tuesday my friend chanced upon someone with shrooms. He had bought an ounce with his friends. I was even more fortunate to have met this friend this year and he reserved me a half an 8th out of his share of the ounce so that I could accumulate the funds. I got the money and paid him immediatly.

I opened the envelope with two rather large mushrooms inside. At first I was wondering if I was gyped. They were immensely bigger than the ones I had before, but I always think of the number of them more than the quality. So, I questioned him and he said they had measured it out and I was good. I examined them furtherly. Where the stem meets the cap it was a greyish blue. The bottom of the cap was a littl bluer but not by much. Last batch I had wasn't blue at all. I figured maybe the color meant these were a little more potent. I was content.

I waited very patiently for the weekend. I would've ate them earlier, but I wanted the weekend so I could thoroughly relax and enjoy the shrooms. You know, get the most out of them. I spent the days leading up relaxing, prepping myself into as good a mood as possible. Being outside when it was sunny helped A LOT! It really made me cheer up and listening to some music I haven't heard for a while helped too. I didn't really pack for this trip much, I was just bent on relaxing down because I had been stressing the past two weeks.

Friday came and went, I was originally going to do the shrooms then, but ended up not because my friend T was going to have a bonfire at his house the next day, so I figured, what could be more fun than sitting by a fire with your best friends, talk about sending into a great mood before tripping. So, I waited eagerly for 24 hours to pass.

Finally, at last, Saturday came. I woke up anticipating every hour until the bonfire. I checked out this site and erowid for some trip stories to prepare a little bit. I think reading other people's tales of enjoying magic mushrooms really helps me prepare for a trip, takes the anxiety off a bit. Which is also why I think it's important to give back and post stories for others to read.

Anyways, I called my friend and he was on his way to my house. Matt and C were in Matt's Jeep. They picked me up and we went to T's bonfire. We all went into his basement and chilled. A kid was there that I had met like 3 times before, VERY nice kid, very fun, we call him Paul Wall. We all chilled in the basement then decided to go out and light the fire. What you should know about T's house is it's not as in the city as mine is and is much more spacious of a yard. A nice setting. Next to the fire pit is a tall tree too. So we ignited the fire and sat and chilled. Then Mike, JD, and a special treat, A, came. A is a funny as hell kid too, I knew I'd be in a good mood for sure. This chick T likes was there too I have no idea if they're dating or not. And so was another chick E, who Paul Wall is into.

Eventually, T and the chick he was with went on a walk. A was trying to get E to flash us it was hilarious. C even gave her beer to get her drunk! It was a riot. However, the more substances came up the more I wanted to jump into those shrooms. After E left, with only showing us her bra, lol, I decided, what the hell.

I had heard somewhere that the ancient Aztecs would eat chocolate or honey with their "teonanactl." I really love cultures, and the Aztecs interest me. I took out a chocolate bar and stuff the shrooms into my mouth after allowing everybody to see what they look like. Then I put the chocolate bar in. Chewed finely, and swallowed. JD left somewhere before I ate them. A and Paul Wall left after seeing me consume them.

T returned from his walk and him and Cal went to take the chick home. So, Mike, C, and I sat around talking for I think half an hour. JD returned exhausted from visiting his girlfriend. Him and Mike decided to go in and pass out because they were so tired. C and I talked a little while and then he decided to go in and "Eat" aka sleep as well. That's alright though.

I was stretch out laying on two chairs, SO RELAXED by the warm fire. Then it happened. I just closed my eyes to relax, not sleep. T has a little stream by the fire. The water was such a soothing sound. Off in the distance I could hear a windchime softly stirring. A cool breeze going past me. I felt great. In my head I envisioned myself lying in the the dark peaceful Withywindle Valley from the Fellowship of the Ring. Yes nerdy, I know, but everytime I read that part in the book it seems so magical, and I had read LotR again a month before. I couldn't help the feeling.

Then I was startled pretty hardcore when I heard a soft footfall behind me. I turn around and my friend CD was coming near me laughing at startling me. I laughed too. I hadn't seen CD for quite sometime. He took a seat next to me and we started talking about his recent trip to the Bahamas for some class. It amazed me, the stuff he said was so interesting. In my head I had a perfect mental image of a paradiselike beach with a coral reef and fish swimming about. Cal and T returned. We all sat around and talked. I noticed that every now and then my vision was a little distorted, stuff, just seemed to flow. Every now and then if I were talking and not payign attention to what I was seeing much the night got really dark to the point where I could only see by glow of the fire. It was pretty cool.

I thought that it'd be a marvellous idea to acctually lay in the grass. So I stand up. The second I stood up everything like zoomed out real fast then slid back into normal focus. I don't think I could even walk right because my legs felt like jelly. Also right when I stood up everything went from really dark to being very easy to very light out, almost as if it were dawn. I walked over the soft grass and put my back against the tree and my feet propped up on a rock. Oh dear how relaxing. Then my attention shifted again to the trickling of the stream, I was so relaxed and I again shut my eyes and just relaxed. Seeing colors flow merrily past my shut eyelids. I opened them after what felt like minutes but probably only seconds. I talked with my friends. The conversation was immensely interesting, mostly about the Bahamas and other stuff like that.

Lamentably, Chris left because he was due home. T and I talked a bit. Iasked him if that windchime sund was real or not, he confirmed it. For about an hour we talked while Matt used used his cell. I watched the beautiful fire crackle and flow back about forth like a wave. At about the peak I just looked up and noticed the tree. It seemed to grow straight up. Then it began to twist around. Then it seemed like it's branches and the branches of another tree were coming together just like cracks in ice spreading out. The cloudy sky was rotating too. Then it seemed as if the tree sprouted small leaves. It looked amazing, I really appreciated that tree. Trees are rather beautiful. They seem to have a soul of their own. After a long time Matt hung up and they went in I was goin to stay outside then about 5 min. T was concerned about if I came back in if his door might not be shut all the way. I grudgingly went in. Layed down and they turned off the lights. Matt's phone was on while he texted. It was creeping me out.

I remembered what to do though, and just steered my attention. JD's gal called a bit and Matt eventually picked up and was like "he's sleeping" hung up and was like "jsut trying to get that bitch to stop calling." Oh man did we laugh. He wasn't tiredso I suggested going back to the fire he was like "NO" and then we laughed some more. Then he drifted off.

I could not sleep. I sat there starring into the darkness. I could barely see. Every now and then when my attention left my thoughts it sounded like everyone was breathign soooo loud. It was driving me nuts, then it would stop come back. I yearned to be out by that fire. for about two hours I sat there just thinking. The floor would occasionally like swirl around me, or so it felt, but as soon as I was enjoying the floor move it'd stop.

I started stumbling around in the dark to the bathroom. It was amazing, I entirely felt my way to the bathroom with a little aid by what poor sight I could conjure up from memory. I felt my way with my foot. Got in, turned on the light. Looked in the mirror. Myself looked fine. However everything in the background was fucking moving. So I pissed after was seemed like an eternity. As I pissed I looked up at the celing and in one part it rippled like water, not too fat, but at a good pace. I opened th door took a look where everything was at. Then turned off the bathroom light. Oh shit, temporary blindness because my eyes were unadjusted. I felt my way then... BANG! The fucking door jumped out and bit me. I went to jsut it and it would not close, it felt like it was resisting me. Eventually I closed that son of a bitch. I sat down layed down and chuckled. Then for the next hour tried to sleep but just couldn't. My mind was racing.

I started debating about time. I was raving in my head about how there was no way time was real because we measure time by how the Earth moves around the sun, so how the hell could time really exist. It can't, it's just dark and light, cold and warm. I mean honestly, on Pluto a year is so long. On Mercury so short. How the hell could such a thign as time exist? If a year is not the same as on Pluto then time is way different, it's never constant at the least.

Then I thought, what is the meaning of life. I was working it out and RIGHT before I was revealed the secret of life C sits up and goes "oh my god it's dark" Oh man, that sucks he broke my thought. I couldn't even concentrate to get it back and he went back to sleep merrily. Eventually I slipped off, I don't even remember shutting my eyes. Last thing I remember it was 4:03 (I took the shrooms at 11:21 so almost 5 hours later.) Then at some point I lifted my head to check if it was like 4:12. Oh no, it was 6:33. I grinned and fell back asleep merrily.

I woke up 3 hours later feeling fucking great. The whole night was like one big dream in the Withywindle Valley. I don't even know if I was ever awake. I might've jsut been dreaming with my eyes open the whole time. It doesn't matter. It was amazing.

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